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Oregon Farm To School Grant

Oregon Farm to Child Nutrition Grant School Years 2021-2022 & 2022-2023

Welcome to the Oregon Farm to CNP Grant website. Please sign up for our LISTSERV to be notified of updates and changes. If you have questions about the grant, please contact us by sending emailing Farm to CNP.

Oregon Farm to CNP Reimbursement Grant (Non-Competitive)

The 2021-2023 biennium runs from July 1, 2021-June 30, 2023. The Legislature approved the Farm to CNP Grant again for this biennium. Therefore, all sponsors of NSLP, CACFP and SFSP programs (with a few exceptions) will automatically be opted in to the ODE Non-Competitive Reimbursement Grant for Oregon Grown & Processed Food, also known as the 'Reimbursement Grant.'

*Timeline is subject to change

7/21/21 - Informal notification of awards. All programs that participate in NSLP, CACFP or SFSP (with some small exceptions) will be notified that they should expect an award amount. 

TBD- Formal announcement from ODE Procurement, including new grant agreement. Grant goes live as soon as Sponsor returns agreement, retroactive to July 1, 2021.

8/9/2021-8/14/2021 - Mandatory training webniar.

9/22/21 - Baseline Report due for new Sponsors (before first claim). 

12/31/21 - DEADLINE: If Sponsor has not made a claim, funds will be returned to the "pot."

12/21 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

​2/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

5/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

9/30/22 - Progress Report due.

10/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

12/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

2/23 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

5/23 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

6/30/23 - All funds must be spent by this date.

7/24/23 - All funds must be processed in EGMS

9/30/23 - Final Report due. 

NOTE: Once a Sponsor exhausts their Reimbursement Grant funds they will be eligible to apply for additioanl funding through the Competitive Reimbursement Grant. Applications projected to open December 2021.


​The Noncompetive Reimbursement Grant Training Webinar will be posted here the week of August 9, 2021.

12/21 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

2/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

5/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

10/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

12/22 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

2/23 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

5/23 - Mandatory quarterly webinar

Farm to School Reimbursement Grant


​Produced (grown, raised, or caught) in the State of Oregon:

  • Oregon-grown fruits and vegetables 
  • Oregon-raised meat 
  • Oregon-caught seafood 
  • Grains grown in Oregon

Processed in Oregon (i.e. more than minimally processed) 

  • ​​​​Items grown, caught or raised OUTSIDE of Oregon, but processed in Oregon. 
    • ​(ex: Pendleton Flour; restaurant/processor that makes tamales, noodles, United Salad Co. Salsa.) 
  • ​For processed items, at least SOME of the product has to be Oregon product 
    • ​Example: Norpac foods uses 100% Willamette valley produce during the summer; but maybe as low as 0% during the winte
    • Example: Zac Omega foods uses approx. 30% of their ingredients for their bars, including glory bee honey and flour from Oregon mills. 

Produced AND Processed in Oregon 

  • ​Items grown, caught or raised in Oregon and processed in Oregon. (etc: Norpac Veggies, Willamette valley Pies, Lochmead sour cream and cottage cheese)


Intent is not to supplant purchases; some items are exclusively local and are “already on the tray” – we don’t want to reimburse those items: 

  • ​​​Milk in half pints or bulk milk for drinking 
  • Bread, buns, rolls 
  • ​Fruits/veg grown outside of Oregon but only minimally processed here (cut/chopped/sliced, dried, washed or just repackaged). o Ex: Duck delivery chopped jicama, carrot coins. (fully processed is ok!) 
  • Oil, pan spray, butter/margarine, salad dressings. ​

Reminder: You must use at least 75% of your award for food purchases. You MAY use up to 25% of your award for “other” reasonable costs incurred for growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, sourcing, transporting and education and promotion of Oregon foods. Including but not limited to labor, mileage, supplies and equipment. You don’t have to spend on anything other than food, you can use 100% of your award on food purchases. If you choose to spend funds on the “other” category, you must use at least 75% on food.

​​New grantees will need to complete the following steps to have an award set up in EGMS.

All of these items can be found on the EGMS webpage.​

Reporting Deadlines

9/22/21 - Baseline Report due for new Sponsors (before first claim).​​​

9/30/22 - Progress Report due.

9/30/23 - Final Report due.​​

  • Reimbursement Grant Claim Form

  • Resources for Farm to School Spending

    • ​Oregon Harvest for Schools Directory – A tool to help school food buyers source Oregon-grown products. 

    • Farm to School Combined Claims File – If you have ever wondered what other school districts and meal sites bought with their Farm to School funds, you can explore the combined claims file from the last biennium (2017-2019). The file can be sorted by County, School District, product, vendor etc. Costs have been removed due to proprietary information.​

    • Regional Procurement Hubs – Regional Hubs are focused on incorporating more local food in school meals. Contact your Regional Hub lead for purchasing ideas and resources in your area.

    • Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network - Contact Melina Barker, Director of the Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network, at for more information about OFSSGN'S Regional Procurement Hubs.​​​

Any additional questions about Farm to School spending? Please feel free to contact us at​​​

final report is due on September 30, 2021 for all Grantees that participated in the 2019-2021 biennium Farm to CNP Reimbursement Grant.  

Oregon Farm to CNP Competitive Reimbursement Grant

What is the Competitive Reimbursement Grant? 

The Competitive Reimbursement Grant is part of the Farm to CNP Program and is intended to provide eligible Farm to CNP grantees with additional funding above their original Farm to CNP award amount. These funds are derived from a reallocation process in which the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) redistributes unspent Farm to CNP award dollars from grantees that have determined they are unable to exhaust their original awards.

To be eligible for these funds, applicants must be either a School District, a provider of center-based programs for children in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, or be an entity that provides meals through the Summer Food Service Program. In addition, applicants must have been awarded a Farm to CNP non-competitive Reimbursement Grant and have spent all of the non-competitive funds.

​12/2021 - Applications for the Competitive Reimbursement​ Grant are projected to open in December 2021. ​

​Applications will be posted here when the grant opens. 

​Details of the training webinar will be posted here when it has been scheduled.  

Oregon Farm to CNP Education Grant (Competitive)

​*Timeline is subject to change. (Updated 7/21/2021)

8/1/21 - Target date for releasing the RFA for the ED grants. Two separate grants available: Mini Grant $0-$10,000; Full Grant $10,000-$100,000. 

8/16/21 - Informational Webinar (application process/general overview). 

9/30/21 - Completed Applications due by 5pm on this date

10/22/21 - Grantees Announced

10/28/21 - Deadline to declare advance

11/4/21 - Mandatory Webinar for all Grantees.

11/4/21 - Grantees can start utilizing funds, provided they have attended the training and signed a grant agreement. 

9/30/22 - Progress Report due.

6/30/23 - All funds must be spent by this date. 

7/24/23 - All funds must be processed in EGMs. 

9/30/23 - Final Report due.​​

​8/16/21 - Informational webinar (application process/general overview)

10/28/2021 - Mandatory webinar for all grantees. 

New grantees will need to complete the following steps to have an award set up in EGMS.

All of these items can be found on the EGMS webpage.  

​9/30/22 - Progress Report due.

9/30/23 - Final Report due.

​Application details will be posted here when the grant opens.

final report is due on September 30, 2021 for all  Grantees that participated in the 2019-2021 biennium Farm to CNP Education Grant.  

Oregon Farm to CNP Technical Assistance Grant (Competitive)

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