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Air Toxics Health Risk Assessment Status

Cleaner Air Oregon is a health-based permitting program that regulates emissions of toxic air contaminants from facilities based on risk to nearby communities. CAO requires facilities to report toxic air contaminant emissions, assess potential health risks to people nearby and reduce toxic air contaminant risk if it exceeds health standards.
As part of the Cleaner Air Oregon process, each facility has a dedicated web page to provide communities access to facility information and updates on where it is involved in the process.
  • Each step of the CAO risk assessment process has a section that includes DEQ’s communications and deliverables from the facility.
  • A color-coded graphic shows where a facility is in the Cleaner Air Oregon Process.
  •  For additional information and history of the program, visit the Cleaner Air Oregon website.

Air Toxics assessment process

process diagram

​Sept. 17, 2020: Facility called in to CAO program.

​Dec. 4, 2020: Facility submitted Emissions Inventory and supporting materials.

June 24, 2021: DEQ response letter to Emissions Inventory requiring source testing

April 12, 2022: DEQ sent letter regarding revised reporting requirements for exempt TEUs

DEQ Contact

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11535 N Force Avenue
Portland, OR 97217