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Cleaner Air Oregon Existing Source Call-In Prioritization

The Cleaner Air Oregon program established a prioritization protocol for calling-in existing sources to perform their Risk Assessments. 

DEQ created three Prioritization Groups – with groups one and two consisting of 20 sources each, with all the remaining (~300+) sources in group three. DEQ began calling-in Group 1 facilities in March of 2019 and completed the call-ins for this group in March 2022.

Facilities in Group 2 and Proposed Call-In Timeline

The following are the facilities in Group 2, presented in order of the proposed month and year for call-in. Under the CAO program rules, facilities have 30 days from the call-in date to submit a Pre-Application Form and Existing Source Call-in Fee, and 90 days to submit an Emissions Inventory for review and approval, which is the first technical review step in the CAO Risk Assessment process. DEQ is proposing to call-in two sources every other month beginning in April 2024. 

   * - Source numbers are used to identify permitted facilities – AQ Permits Online Tool

   ** - Interfor U.S., Inc. was moved to Group 3 after installing controls and significantly reducing emissions, leading to Columbia Forest Products, Inc. call-in under group two. 

DEQ will continue to provide transparency under the CAO program by maintaining facility web pages with all CAO process documents and communications, including all technical materials, approved Risk Assessment components, and formal comment and approval letters. These web pages can easily be accessed from the interactive map on the CAO Facility Status page. Additionally, air quality permit information and annual reports for each facility can be found using the AQ Permits Online tool.