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Heating Oil Tanks

The HOT Program handles issues related to:

  • Tanks storing fuel oil (typically Number 1 and 2 diesel oil) to heat buildings for human habitation.
  • Requirements for the voluntary decommissioning of HOTs.
  • Reporting releases from HOTs and the cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination.
  • Rules for contractors working on HOTs and the cleanup of soil contamination.


Effective April 16, 2024

If you are writing a check, the technology fees have been included in the price points below.

Report Filing Fees

Clean Decommissioning: $104/project
Cleanup Report:
Tiered based on project type:
  1. Soil matrix (Simple): $260
  2. Generic Remedy (Intermediate): $364
  3. Risk-based (Complex): $468

Licensure Fees

Service Provider License

  • $1040 - renew after one year

Service Provider Supervisor License

  • $208 - renew after two years
Read more about Technology fee and credit card payments using Your DEQ online system.

Heating Oil Tank Data

DEQ maintains an environmental data management system known as Your DEQ Online. Your DEQ Online tracks Heating Oil Tank site in Oregon. Data in Your DEQ Online is "working information" used by DEQ. 

Please note that:

  • YDO Public Project Records Is where you go to find information on a heating oil tank leak.
  • YDO Permit Licensing Certification is where you go to find heating oil tank clean decommissioning information.
  • Information found in YDO is not comprehensive for old projects, there may be older records in a physical file.
  • Some information in Your DEQ Online may be unconfirmed, outdated, or incomplete.
  • Information in Your DEQ Online is subject to change at any time. 

If the heating oil tank project started after April 3, 2024 the majority of the records will be in Your DEQ Online Public Records portal

If the heating oil tank project started before April 3, 2024, additional records may not be online. If you don't find what you need online, please submit a Public Records Request.

Specific instructions on how to search Your DEQ Online public records can be found on our User Guides and Program Resources Page

Data Sets

If you are looking for a list of leaking heating oil tank projects please use the Your DEQ Online All Sites Report.

If you are looking for a list of clean decommissioning sites please use the Your DEQ Online HOT Clean Decommissioning Report.

Clean decommissioning registration began in March 2000. Tanks decommissioned in 1999 and earlier are not included unless they have been demonstrated to meet all decommissioning rules, including soil testing, and a report is filed with DEQ.

Contact us

For more information, contact the Heating Oil Tanks Program or call 503-229-6170.