Total Maximum Daily Loads

Positive actions are being undertaken and accomplished to improve water quality in the North Coast Basin rivers and tributaries. We appreciate your interest and involvement. Together we can work towards a better river environment for everyone.

Modifications to the North Coast Basin Temperature Waste Load
and Load Allocations

Applies to all North Coast subbasins

North Coast subbasins

Lower Columbia-Youngs, Lower Columbia-Clatskanie, Necanicum and Nehalem

TMDL approved by the EPA on Aug. 20, 2003


Wilson-Trask-Nestucca Subbasin

Nestucca Bay Watershed

TMDL approved by EPA on May 13, 2002

Tillamook Bay Watershed
TMDL approved by EPA on July 31, 2001



North Coast Basin Coordinator:
York Johnson,  503-801-5092
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