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Heat Source Methodology Review


Heat Source is a computer model used by Oregon DEQ to simulate stream thermodynamics and hydrology. It was developed in 1996 as a Masters Thesis at Oregon State University in the Departments of Bioresource Engineering and Civil Engineering. DEQ currently maintains the Heat Source methodology and computer programming. Appropriate model use and application are the sole responsibility of the user.

Review comments

The Heat Source methodology was circulated nationally for review. Reviewer comments and DEQ responses are presented below. DEQ thanks the respondents for their thoughtful comments regarding the model methodology. Several improvements were completed as a result of the review process.
The reviews of the respondents have been typed exactly as they were received with the exception that some review comments are numbered to address them individually. DEQ’s responses are listed last.

  • Review #1: Dr. Graham B. Wallis, Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth
  • Review #2: Bruce Cleland, Senior Environmental Scientist, EPA Region 10 (OW-134) 
  • Review #3: Dr. William C. Krueger, Department Head Rangeland Resources, OSU
  • Review #4: Dr. Robert L. Beschta, Professor of Forest Hydrology, OSU 
  • Review #5: Jack Douglas Smith, Ph.D., Omicron Associates  


Ryan Michie
Water Quality Analyst