Total Maximum Daily Loads

Positive actions are being undertaken and accomplished to improve water quality in the Hood River and its tributaries. We appreciate your interest and involvement. Together we can work towards a better river environment for everyone.

Current Actions

DEQ issues revised Western Hood Subbasin Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load

The Western Hood Subbasin TMDL was first issued in December 2001 and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2002. The 2001 TMDL incorporated a temperature standard that had been adopted by the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission in 1996. In December 2003, the Commission adopted a new temperature standard, which was approved by the EPA in March 2004. This revision updates the 2001 TMDL to incorporate the State’s current temperature standard. 
DEQ released a draft revised TMDL for public review and comment in April 2017. Written comments were received from four parties and addressed as part of the formal response to comment process. DEQ issued the final revised temperature TMDL and submitted to EPA for approval in February 2018.


Middle Columbia-Hood Basins


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