Total Maximum Daily Loads

Positive actions are being undertaken and accomplished to improve water quality in the Oregon Closed Lakes Basin and its tributaries. We appreciate your interest and involvement. Together we can work towards a better river environment for everyone.

Alvord Lake Subbasin

TMDL approved by EPA on Feb. 11, 2004.
TMDLd have not been started in the following subbasins:
  • Donner und Blitzen Subbasin
  • Goose Lake Subbasin
  • Guano, Nevada Subbasin
  • Harney-Malheur Lake Subbasin
  • Lake Albert Subbasin
  • Silver Subbasin
  • Silvies Subbasin
  • Summer Lake Subbasin
  • Thousand-Virgin Subbasin
  • Upper Quinn Subbasin
  • Warner Lakes Subbasin