Total Maximum Daily Loads

TMDL implementation involves actions to be taken across agricultural, forest, urban, and rural residential land uses to reduce pollutants and improve water quality. This web site is intended to provide information to help Designated Management Agencies implement TMDLs for nonpoint source pollution. Most links provide information applicable to any nonpoint source TMDL.

Getting started: guidance for plan development and implementation

One of the first steps for improving water quality after a TMDL is completed is to develop a TMDL Implementation Plan. DEQ has named certain federal, state, and local governments and agencies, including cities, counties, and special districts as DMAs because these agencies and governments have authority to manage and regulate sources of pollutants that are listed in the TMDL. The following are various documents that can assist in the development of an Implementation Plan. Several documents are working drafts that will be updated over time based on feedback from DMAs.


Example TMDL implementation plans



Small communities