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Environmental Protection Agency grants

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

  • Nonpoint Source Water Quality Control (319) Grants
    Grant funds available through Section 319 of the Water Quality Act of 1987 are a critical element in turning Oregon's NPS control program into water quality protection realities in watersheds throughout the state. ODEQ solicits proposals each year in October.
  • Clean Water State Revolving Fund
    Nonpoint projects are eligible, as long as they have a water quality benefit, are sponsored by public entities, and demonstrate ability to pay back the loan. Amounts and terms vary but interest rates are well below levels of inflation. A portion of the SRF program may be considered match to 319 grants. Example programs include: conversion of open agriculture irrigations ditch to a piped system; City of Portland riparian restoration/land purchase.

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

U.S. Department of Agricultural Natural Resources Conservation Services

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

U.S. Fish and Wildlife - Oregon State Office

Department of Land Conservation and Development Grants

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation