Total Maximum Daily Loads

The Umpqua Basin in Southwestern Oregon comprises about 3.24 million acres, 90% of which is federal, state and private forestland (2.92 million acres). County population was estimated at 103,152 in 2004, and the basin is also home to a number of species of salmonid fishes, including coho salmon, fall and spring chinook salmon, summer and winter steelhead, and seagoing and resident cutthroat trout. The North Umpqua River is a world-renowned fishery, and water-based recreation is important throughout the basin.


Umpqua Basin Total Maximum Daily Loads and supporting documents


Umpqua Basin Coordinator:
Heather Tugaw
Medford DEQ Office


Thermal infrared remote sensing survey reports

2001 Aerial Surveys in the North Umpqua River Basin

Appendix A: Selected Images

2003 Aerial Surveys in the Umpqua River Basin