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Closed Lakes Basin

TMDL title: Alvord Lake Subbasin TMDL and WQMP
Water quality limited parameters: temperature, dissolved oxygen
Pollutants: total phosphorus
Status: EPA approved on Feb. 11, 2004

The Closed Lakes Basin includes Alvord Lake, Donner and Blitzen, Goose Lake, Guano, Harney-Malheur Lake, Lake Abert, Silver, Silvies, Summer, Thousand-Virgin, Upper Quinn, and Warner Lakes subbasins

Final TMDL documents

Subbasin TMDLs that have not been started

  • Donner und Blitzen Subbasin
  • Goose Lake Subbasin
  • Guano, Nevada Subbasin
  • Harney-Malheur Lake Subbasin
  • Lake Albert Subbasin
  • Silver Subbasin
  • Silvies Subbasin
  • Summer Lake Subbasin
  • Thousand-Virgin Subbasin
  • Upper Quinn Subbasin
  • Warner Lakes Subbasin 


For specific basin coordinators for the Closed Lakes Basin, see the Basin Coordinator List.

Steve Mrazik
Watershed Management Manager

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