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Media Accessibility Checkers


Each of the media application types that follow contain Accessibility Checkers (AC). In addition to AC we manually review for things like proper identification and naming in images, and ensuring the proper tab order of form fields. See the File Creators Web Acccessibility Checklist for help with manual review after/during the use of the AC.

Adobe PDF

Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 is the official product we use to create PDF files. Each PDF file we post will have passed the AC and manual reviews for things the checkers are unable to evaluate.

  • VIDEO 1 - Accessibility Checker in Acrobat Pro

    ODE employees are directed to have all PDF files reviewed and pass accessibility checks prior to posting. In this video the National Center on Disability and Access to Education does a nice job showing you how to review your PDF document for accessibility prior to posting.

  • VIDEO 2 - Web Accessibility - PDF Table Prep with Screen Reader and Read Out Loud Demos

    This video shows how to prep a basic table in a PDF for accessibility. An NVDA screen reader reads through the example before and after the example and directly compares the NVDA screen reader to the Acrobat built in Read Out Loud option (which isn't a screen reader).

  • Fixing Inaccessible PDFs

  • PDF Remediation

    This PDF document was published by the Oregon Education Network and contains information on the Logical reading order, primary language, title, bookmarks, color contrast... and more.

  • Ten Common PDF Accessibility Errors

  • Ensuring Proper PDF Tab Reading Order

    This feature provides a visual indication of the approximate order in which content will appear if automatically re-purposed for display on a small screen.

  • Bookmarks

    PDF files should have bookmarks for lengthy documents. These enable all users to efficiently jump to a particular chapter or major section.

Microsoft Resources

See Also: Accessibility Training Resources