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High School Success

High School Success

High School Success

High School Success is a fund initiated by ballot Measure 98 in November 2016. The intent of High School Success is to improve student progress toward graduation beginning with grade 9, increase the graduation rates of high schools, and improve high school graduates’ readiness for college and career.  All High School Success recipients must meet eligibility requirements in order to receive and spend funds. Eligibility requirements ensure schools and districts put systems into place designed to look at what data they collect and begin the process of improving data literacy.

Funding is provided to establish or expand programs in three specific areas:
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Career & Technical Education
  • College-Level Education Opportunities

Eligibility Requirements for the 2021-2022 School Year

The eligibility requirements are a set of practices each recipient must have in place in the following areas: Teacher Collaboration Time around Data, Practices to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism, Equitable Assignment to Advanced Courses, Systems Ensuring On-time Graduation.

Research suggests that having these structures in place will aid in increasing graduation rates, and ensure high school graduates are ready for their next step. Furthermore, providing time for teachers to look at specific student data, and using that data to inform decisions, will increase the chances that a student will be on-track to graduate on time by the end of grade 9. The last three years of High School Success (HSS) grant funding tells a story of collective commitment -- one where local schools and communities partner -- working together to create a more equitable, well-rounded and engaging education system.

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