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Oregon Diploma - Personalized Learning Requirements

“A high school graduate should have the foundation to choose a path and change their mind. All students should leave high school with the skills and experience to obtain a living wage job and go to college. They are best served if they can choose to work or go to college immediately and then change their mind as they discover their path.” - Oregon Postsecondary Administrator

Oregon’s personalized learning requirements include the Education Plan and Profile, Career Related Learning Experiences, and the Extended Application.

The Education Plan and Profile (EPP) documents an individual learner’s academic and career goals, planning, achievements and related experiences based upon a comprehensive series of career awareness and exploration activities. It serves as a road map to guide student learning throughout their middle and high school education and into their lives after high school. It is a dynamic and ever-changing collection of a student's interests, aptitudes, course-taking, work samples, certifications, awards and personal reflections.

The Career-Related Learning Experiences are structured experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom.

The Extended Application experience is a non-credit graduation requirement that is designed to be a bridge between a student’s high school learning experience and their personal interests, goals, and future career plans.

These three elements provide schools and districts with structure as they support students in aligning their academic and postsecondary planning with their personal interests and life goals.

Oregon’s personalized learning activities are non-credit graduation requirements, and consist of a both a process and a product:
  • The process of consistent student engagement in individualized career and academic development and exploration
  • The product of that engagement: a living portfolio of student interests, experiences, and activities as they advance through their education and prepare to transition to career and/or college.

“All students should receive a good foundation in the basics to the best of their capabilities, but the most important part of attending high school is to discover inspiration to pursue what interests them.” - Oregon Resident

The personalized learning requirements are a part of graduation requirements for all students in Oregon. A school’s Comprehensive School Counseling Program personnel can assist learners in collaboration with the entirety of a school staff, but counselors are not the only ones who support students in meeting these requirements. For best outcomes for learners, it is essential that these personalized learning requirements are supported by a whole-school effort by teachers, administrators, counselors, para-professionals, coaches, mentors, volunteers and other adults in the learning environments.

To learn more about each of the personalized learning requirements, click on the links in the pictures below.

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