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Extended Applications

“[My district] currently requires a senior project that implements the essential skills, which is presented to their peers and an evaluation committee. I think this is a great validation of skill level.” ―Oregon Superintendent

The Extended Application experience is designed to bridge between a student’s high school learning experiences and their personal interests, aptitudes, goals, and future career plans.

A student’s Extended Application should be aligned with their Education Plan and Profile, and informed by their Career Related Learning Experiences.The Extended Application can take a wide variety of forms, but in all cases should allow students to deeply explore a concept, idea, career path, or project that is aligned with their interests and goals.

At their most successful, extended Application projects can be a showcase of student achievement that is shared and celebrated with students, their families, and their community.


Students apply and extend their knowledge and skills in a new and complex situation related to the student’s personal career interests and post-high school goals.

The extended application can be embedded in a class, such as a research project or other assignment. It can also be a structured activity that is completed independently by the student with adult guidance, such as work-based learning, a capstone project, or community service.


Documentation of the student’s Extended Application project is included in the Education Plan and Profile. Ideally, this achievement is shared and celebrated with students, families, and the larger community.

Project-based learning guide

This document provides information about using projects (e.g., locally designed assessments) as a part of awarding credits. It contains best practices for project-based learning, and can be used to design and evaluate Extended Application projects.

Examples from Oregon

Bryce Sullivan's senior project completed in memory of his grandfather | Local News |

Tillamook High School Senior shares love of art with homeschool students

State-Mandated Requirements

(OAR 581–22-2000, OAR 581-22-0102, OAR 581-22-2270)

The Extended Application Standard application and extension of knowledge and skills in new and complex situations related to the student's personal and career interests and post-high school goals.

The Educational Plan and Profile designs, monitors and adjusts a course of study that meets the interest and goals of the student that includes identified extended application opportunities.

Each student shall build a collection of evidence, or include evidence in existing collections(s), to demonstrate extended application.

Each school district shall annually report progress towards completion of diploma requirements to parents of students in grades 9–12, including demonstration of extended application.

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