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Breakfast After the Bell

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but too many hungry students miss a morning meal. Schools that offer a Breakfast After the Bell (BatB) program by implementing models such as Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC), Grab and Go to the Classroom, and Second Chance Breakfast, are able to increase access to school breakfast and provide more kids with the healthy food they need to learn and grow.

The Student Success Act was adopted during the 2019 legislative session and its passage represented a real commitment by Oregon's leaders to our children, our educators, our schools, and our state. This included the expansion of school breakfast programs through the Breakfast after the Bell (BatB) requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: Only schools operating the School Breakfast Program with students on campus are required to offer Breakfast After the Bell. As of May 24, 2021, ODE CNP does not have funding for this state equipment grant.  A request has been made to the Oregon Legislature for funding.  When funding is authorized by the Oregon Legislature, the Breakfast after the Bell web page will be updated.

What is the Breakfast after the Bell Requirement?

The Student Success Act included a requirement that school districts, public charter schools, and education service districts must, beginning in School Year 2020-21, make breakfast accessible at a school site if 70% or more of the students at that school site, from a previous year, were “eligible students". “Eligible students" are those students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals under the U.S. Department of Agriculture's guidelines.  

If a sponsor meets certain criteria, they can apply for an exemption. Breakfast after the Bell Exemption Question and Answer document provides more information for how to apply for an exemption.

SY 2021-22 Breakfast after the Bell Required Site List  shows which sites are required to provide Breakfast after the Bell and which sites are eligible for the exemption from that requirement.

No Kid Hungry:  In this link you will find guidance to implement BatB:
  • Breakfast in the Classroom Rollout Timeline
  • Grab and Go:  Rollout Timeline
  • Grab and Go to the Classroom 101 Video
  • Pre-Implementation Checklist
  • Tips for Implementing an Effective Grab and Go Breakfast Program
No Kid Hungry
Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom
Press Release 

No Kid Hungry In this link you will find these guides:
  • Innovative Breakfast Delivery Options
  • Teacher Guide – Breakfast After the Bell Set up and Clean Up

The Breakfast after the Bell Equipment Grant is a noncompetitive grant award used for the purpose of reimbursing recipient to purchase new equipment or repair, renovate or upgrade equipment require to serve students breakfast after the bell.   The equipment grant only applies to sponsors/sites operating the NSLP School Breakfast Program and is one of the site required to operate breakfast after the bell.   The students need to be on campus for in-person learning for the Breakfast after the Bell implementation and grant to be applicable.

Equipment Grant Process

Recipient will: Equipment Grant Resources

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