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SNP Verification

Verification is the confirmation of eligibility for free and reduced price schools determined through the application process.   The Verification Collection Report is an annual requirement for all sponsors of NSLP and collects data on enrollment and direct certifications, as well as results of the verification. 

The annual verification process begins October 1 and ends November 15.   The verification reporting period is from November 1 - February 1.  Verification reporting is completed electronically using this web based form.

NSLP/SBP sponsors must annually verify eligibility of children from a sample of household applications approved for free and reduced price benefits for that school year.

The Verification Process is not required of sponsors who operate: 

  • Special Milk Program Only
  • District-wide Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) or
  • Provision 2 for all meals district-wide and are in a non-base year or
  • Residential Child Care Institutions (RCCI) without day students
However, completion of the FNS - 742 Verification Collection Report is required for all sponsors. 

Verification Guidance: Section 6 of the USDA Eligibility Manual

FNS-742 Verification Form and Instructions

ODE CNP requires sponsors to complete FNS 742 report electronically using this web based form.    ODE does not accept copies of the FNS 742 form on the USDA website.

School Year 2021-22 Resources

In School Year 2021-22, sponsors who process applications will be required to completed Verification using the Standard Sample size (3% Error Prone)

Standard:  Verify 3% or 3,000 of approved applications, whichever is less, selected from error-prone applications certified eligible for free or reduced priced meals as of October 1st.   If there are not enough error-prone applications, LEAs must select at random additional applications to complete sample size.

Verification Guidance

Letters to Households

Seamless Summer Option

Standard Meal Counting and Claiming

For additional information or questions, contact the Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs by
Email: ODE School Nutrition or Phone: 503-947-5894.