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2021-22 Support Tools

The optional support tools on this page are designed to be used or adapted by school and district leaders.

Support Tools

Exclusion Summary
To support compliance with public health requirements related to entry and screening.

Communicable Disease Template
A COVID-19 Specific Communicable Disease Management Plan Template.

Contact Log
Template contact log for documenting screening of students.

Research Informing Changes in K-12 Metrics
References and data used to inform understanding about the limited transmission of COVID-19 in schools.

Concerns and Complaints: Options for Problem Solving
A quick look at some of the avenues workers in schools have to address concerns, contribute to improvement in RSSL practices and formally address complaints.

Attendance Tip Sheet
Recommendations and best practices for taking attendance.

Key Practices for Reducing Spread of COVID-19 in Schools (updates to come)
Requirements and recommendations that provide the foundation for the health and safety of our schools and communities.

Room Occupancy Signs (zip file)
Template signs to support physical distancing.

Policies and Statements