Energy in Oregon

Electricity bills in Oregon include a public purpose charge, which helps fund energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable projects in the state.
Senate Bill 1149  directed Oregon's two largest utilities, Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp , to collect a "public purpose charge" from their customers. 

The charge collected is equal to 3 percent of the total revenues from electricity services. The funds are allocated five ways:

​56.​7% ​Conservation Projects
​17.1% ​Renewable Resources
​11.7% ​Weatherization for Low-income Homes
10.0% Schools
​4.5% ​Low-income Housing
The funds collected for conservation projects and renewable resources are usually sent to Energy Trust of Oregon​ to help fund conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy projects. 

Self-Direction: Large Electric Consumer Public Purpose Program

Large electric consumers using, on average, more than one megawatt per year may be eligible to "self-direct" some of the value of the 3 percent public purpose charge. 

Large consumers with qualifying energy conservation or renewable energy projects can claim a credit through the Oregon Department of Energy's Large Electric Consumer Public Purpose Program (LECPPP). That credit is then used to offset the conservation or renewable resources portion of the public purpose charge on their electric bills. 

See the Administrat​ive Rules for more information.

Consumers using this program can certify sites and projects using our interactive online database: 


​Administrative Rules

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