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Energy in Oregon

​The SEED Program serves all State of Oregon agencies. ​Project owners are responsible for ensuring compliance with SEED requirements.

State Energy Efficient Design Process

  1. Determine if the project is subject to SEED requirements. The construction or renovation of a state facility that has absolutely no energy-using systems is not subject to SEED. All other projects must comply with SEED.

  2. Determine if the project is a Class 1 or Class 2 building. In general, buildings that are 10,000 square feet or more are Class 1, and buildings smaller than 10,000 square feet are usually Class 2. See the full program guidelines for more information.

  3. Notify the Oregon Department of Energy using the Class 1 or the Class 2 Project Notification Form. Our expert staff will help you navigate the process to ensure you are saving the most energy and money possible.

Class 1 and 2 Buildings

Class 1 Buildings

Class 1 buildings are generally larger than 10,000 square feet, and must be built or renovated to a standard that is 20 percent better than established building energy code. A list of Qualified Energy Analysts is available for Class 1 projects.

Class 1 project owners should read the full program guidelines, available below.

Class 1 Resources

Class 2 Buildings

Class 2 buildings are smaller than 10,000 square feet, and also must be built or renovated to a standard that is 20 percent better than established energy code. Class 2 projects are self-administered, but ODOE staff are available to help navigate the process.

There are three forms to be completed and turned in to ODOE for Class 2 projects:

SEED Program Full Guidelines

The SEED Guidelines describe the program and requirements in detail. They are intended for use by state agencies, building owners, building design team members, energy analysts, and ODOE staff.

​SEED Guidelines
​Cover and Table of Contents
​Section 1 ​Overview and building class
Section 2 Class 1 Buildings​
Section 3 ​Class 2 Buildings
Appendix A ​ORS 276.900-915
Appendix B ​OAR 330-130
Appendix C ​Energy Analysts Qualifications
​Appendix D ​Model Language RFP
Appendix E ​Verification Plan
Appendix F ​Metering Plan
Appendix G ​Class 1 Building Forms
​Appendix H
word   *   pdf
​Class 1 Building Energy Analysis Report Template
​Appendix I ​Class 1 Building Energy Analysis Requirements
Appendix J ​Cost Effective Analysis
​Appendix K ​Class 2 Building Forms
​Appendix L​ ​Building Modeling Description

S​EED Program​


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