Energy in Oregon

​State Agencies​

Energy Analyst services are required for Class 1 building projects. State agencies should only select persons or firms that are qualified to perform energy consumption analyses. SEED Program Guideline Appendix C lists the minimum qualifications for energy analysts. 

Energy Analysts

The Energy Analysts below have been qualified by the Oregon Department of Energy to perform energy analysis and services for public buildings implementing the State Energy Efficient Design program requirements. The list below is not intended as an endorsement.​

​​If your firm is interested in becoming an ODOE-approved Energy Analyst, please create an account in the Oregon Procurement Information Network  (ORPIN). To view current ODOE opportunities, log in to ORPIN and click "Browse" on the left side of the page. On the next page, click through the list below to see all ODOE opportunities:
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Energy Analysts for State Buildings

Firm Name​ ​Agreement Expiration Primary Contacts
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​​Qualified Personnel
Coumming Management Group LLC
Christine Marez
​Brian Mauleon
Peter Davi
Interface Energineering
Andy Frichtl
​Shem Heiple
Jian He
Bo Xu
R&W Engineering
​Mark Jones
​Mark Jones
Edward Carlisle
Kristin Trone 
​Systems West Engineers
​Adam Mangrich
​Joe Iaccarino

Matthew Hyder​
Matthew Hyder
​PAE Consulting Engineers, Inc.

​Agreement Contract Pend​ing

​WSP USA Building, Inc.

​Agreement Contract Pending
​InSite Group, Inc.
​Agreement Contract Pending