Energy in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Energy partners with other Oregon state agencies to develop policy options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Healthy treesODOE is uniquely positioned to provide leadership on greenhose gas strategies as the agency tracking and analyzing energy use and resources in Oregon.

We help compile data on greenhouse gas emissions​ in Oregon, and produce a forecast of future emissions. Using the forecast, we can assess the effectiveness of current and potential programs and strategies to meet the state's reduction goals.

ODOE also provides technical assistance for greenhouse gas planning and mitigation programs in other state agencies, cities, and counties. Our work helps Oregon families and businesses access unbiased data and analysis and strategies for emissions reduction.

Oregon is taking a number of specific actions (see below) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Your actions can also make a difference. Even small changes, like installing more energy efficient devices, improving insulation, or investing in renewable energy can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the residential and commercial sectors. Learn more about saving energy at home or at work. You can even start by estimating your carbon footprint​.

Oregon Actions for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Data: Greenhouse Gases in Oregon 

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