Energy in Oregon

​The Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) below have been qualified by the Oregon Department of Energy to perform services for public agencies and schools in an Energy Savings Performance Contract​. The list below is not intended as an endorsement.

State Agencies
State agencies that wish to engage the services of an ESCO must issue a Request for Proposals to a minimum of three firms on the list of pre-qualified ESCOs. State agency procurement rules do not allow a direct appointment of an ESCO from the list.

State agencies may request a copy of the Statement of Qualifications for pre-qualified ESCO firms from the Oregon Department of Energy.

Energy Service Companies

​​If your firm is interested in becoming an ODOE-approved Energy Service Company, please create an account in the Oregon Procurement Information Network  (ORPIN). To view current ODOE opportunities, log in to ORPIN and click "Browse" on the left side of the page. On the next page, click through the list below to see all ODOE opportunities:
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Qualified Energy Service Companies

Firm Name
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​Agreement Expiration ​Primary Contacts
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Qualified Key Personnel
Ameresco, Inc. 3/11/2020 ​Joe O'Donnell
Energy Auditors: Jason Carver, Michael Pacella
Engineering Design: Jason Carver
Construction Management: Trey Scavone
Commissioning: Kirk Carl
Post-construction Monitoring: Michael Pacella, Steve Croxton, Jason Carver
Project Manager: Ron Haxton, Grant Thorsland, Lonn Inmann
Johnson Controls, Inc. 3/11/2020 ​Peter White
Energy Auditor: Jianpeng Yang
Engineering Design: Veera Vijay
Construction Management: Peter Babington, Tom McDonald
Commissioning: Chris Wang
Post-construction Monitoring: Sandra Spencer
Project Manager: Peter White, David Nellis
​McKinstry ​3/11/2020 ​Mike Johnson​
​Energy Auditor: Mark Nieman, Heramb Amonkar, Robert Hail
Engineering Design: Chris Sachse
Construction Management: Justin Fallstrom, Marc Morales 
Commissioning: Wayne Morris, Justin Hertz  
Project Manager: Mike Johnson, Crystal Benson, Mark Nieman, Robert Hail  
Post-Construction Monitoring: : Mike Johnso​
​Trane US, Inc. 3/11/2020 Don Mitchell
​Energy Auditor: Michael Ketcham, Michael James

Engineering Design: Michael James
Construction Management: Don Mitchell
Project Manager: Scott Eisenhauer, Ben Vivanco

Post Construction Monitoring:  Darrel Hurlbut, Michael James
Willdan - Abacus Resource Management​ ​3/11/2020 Lauren Bromley​
Energy Auditor: Rich Davis, Justin Burwinkle, Greg Churchill 

Engineering Design: Mark Kinzer, Scott McVey, Aaron Etzkorn, Nick Pedersen 
Construction Management: Scott Hanken,Jackson McDonald, Justin Pape

Commissioning: Kevin Player, Scott Hanken
Post-Construction Monitoring: Kevin Player, Rich Davis, Tyler Kimble
Project Manager: Steve Rubbert, Lauren Bromley, Chis Gadd​y