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Energy in Oregon

​​Effective January 1, 2020, school districts may use Public Purpose Charge funds to complete a fleet audit, purchase or lease zero-emissions vehicles, including buses, and purchase or install electric vehicle charging stations.      
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School districts that would like to utilize Public Purpose Charge funds for zero emissions vehicles and/or charging stations must follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Complete and Submit Fleet Audit

​Complete the Fleet Audit Spreadsheet​ and submit to ODOE at for review.​

Step 2: Complete and Submit Form for Vehicle/Charging station Type

Choose a form below based on what vehicle type and/or charging station that your school district would like to request SB 1149 funds for reimbursement.​

Step 3: ODOE Review of Forms

ODOE will review Vehicle and Charging Station forms for completeness and will request any additional information needed.

Once ODOE has reviewed and approved the form(s), an eligible measure(s) will be added to the Schools Database and the school district will receive an email with a Notice of Measure Eligibility. The notice will include the eligibility of the measure and the SB 1149 eligible amount.​

Step 4: Submit Confirmation of Purchase/Lease to ODOE

Submit the final purchase/lease pricing information to ODOE at for data entry within the Schools Database. Once the final cost details have been entered into the Schools Database, ODOE will notify the school district of the eligible amount of SB 1149 funds for reimbursement.​

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 SB 1149 Program Guidelines​


 ​Energy Efficient Schools Program
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