Energy in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Energy helps schools understand their energy needs, identify improvements, and connect with financial resources to improve learning environments.
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ODOE staff supports public schools throughout the state to implement cost-effective energy efficiency projects. ODOE helps assess building needs, prioritize and plan projects, and work with school leadership to access resources.

Where do I start?

Our Schools Team wants to hear from you. Tell us about your district's energy and project needs. Are your buildings too cold? Running up high electricity bills? Leaking air through outdated windows? Do you have several projects, but you're not sure where to start? Our experts have the passion and expertise to help your school district find the right path to increase energy efficiency and savings.

What services can the Schools Team provide?

Expertise and Advice
Tell us what your school needs to be successful. We're here to listen and brainstorm solutions with you. We can help assess your buildings' needs, prioritize and plan projects, and talk about what makes sense for your schools and students.

​Connection to Financing and Incentive Programs
ODOE has financial assistance programs for schools in some areas. Our team can also connect you with our energy partners, including the U.S. Department of Energy , Energy Trust of Oregon​ , and others. 

Educational Opportunities
Our engineers and experts enjoy visiting classrooms at all learning levels, from joining Career Day panels to talking about energy policy with local students.

What financial or incentive programs are available to my school?

Most of ODOE's incentive programs sunset​ on December 31, 2017. ODOE administers the Small-scale Energy Loan Program, a fixed-rate, long-term loan program for qualified projects that invest in energy conservation, renewable energy, alternative fuels, and more.

Senate Bill 1149 requires that Oregon's two largest investor-owned utilities, Portland General Electric (PGE) and PacifiCorp, collect a three percent "public purpose charge" from customers. Ten percent of those funds are provided for energy efficiency​ projects in public schools within the PGE and PacifiCorp service areas.

Performance contracting is a special agreement between an energy services company (ESCO) and a building owner. The ESCO can provide services to help a building save energy. The building owner uses the resulting utility bill savings to reimburse the ESCO and pay off any loans used to finance the project.

Why should schools invest in energy-efficient projects?

One of the main benefits to increasing your energy efficiency is lower energy bills!

Completing energy efficient projects means you will use less energy to achieve the same or improved results in your building's heating, cooling, lighting, and more. When schools use less energy, they reduce their impact on the environment and act as better stewards of natural resources. Additionally, energy-efficient buildings are typically more comfortable, have better lighting, and have fewer energy-related maintenance issues. It all adds up to an improved learning and teaching environment for our students and educators.
​SB 1149 Program
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