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State Board Meetings

Board retreat Aug. 14 and 15. Board meetings Sep. 19, Oct. 17, Dec. 12, Jan. 16, Mar. 19, Apr. 16 May 21, Jun 18.
Meeting protocols

The State Board of Education must meet at least six times per year, but usually exceeds that minimum requirement. Since 2016, board members have reduced the amount of paper they use for meetings by posting agendas and meeting materials on Boardbook.

Agendas and materials for regular Board meetings are posted at least 24 hours prior to the board meeting. Minutes are posted to Boardbook upon Board approval (for example, minutes from the January meeting are posted after the Board approves at their February regular meeting). You can access agendas and materials prior to 2016 by going to the State Board Meeting Archive. The State Board of Education complies with Public Meeting laws.

Click here for Boardbook

Submitting written Public Comment before or during the Board meeting

Please send written public comments or testimony to the State Board email address.

  • Clearly label the subject line as: “Public comment” or “Testimony” and include the topic. Example: “Public Comment: Assessment.”
  • Public comments or testimony submitted the morning of the Board meeting or during the Board meeting will be posted within 48 business hours.
Public Comment at Board Meetings

The State Board of Education values public input. The role of the State Board of Education is to actively listen to and reflect on public comments. Each person wishing to address the Board must sign-up individually for the Public Comment period on the agenda. A sign-up sheet will be placed by the board room entrance and each name will be called upon by the Board’s Executive Officer. Public Comment allows the Board and Deputy Superintendent to hear issues of interest, but does not allow an opportunity for dialogue between the speaker, Board or Deputy Superintendent. The Board may ask staff to respond to public comments or questions raised during the public comment period.

The guidelines below for public input emphasize respect and consideration of others:

  • A sign-up sheet will be placed by the room entrance and each name will be called upon by the Board’s Executive Officer.
  • The Board’s Executive Officer will read off the names of the speakers who signed up to testify. Individuals called will come up to the testimony table and will have three minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated.
  • Please begin by stating your name for the record.
  • Each person providing public comment will have a total of three minutes; when your time is up, a buzzer will sound. The Board respectfully asks that you conclude your comments at that time. Taking more time reduces others ability to provide public comments.
  • Those providing public comment may submit written testimony before or at the meeting.
  • If an interpreter is required, please notify the Board Officer at least 48 hours in advance.

Complaints about individual employees should be directed to the Office of the Director of the Oregon Department of Education as a personnel matter.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held in the board rooms on the Second Floor of the Oregon Department of Education building: 255 Capitol St NE, Salem, OR.

The Board sincerely appreciates your input, and thanks you for your cooperation.

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