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Information and Resources

Links to information and resources to support finding GED Option Program Sites, relevant data, GED Testing Services and Testing Centers.

GED Option Program Sites

District, schools and program names are provided annually that maintain local GED Option Programs. The forms on this page are currently being updated.

Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) General Educational Development (GED) Testing Services

Contact the CCWD GED Testing Services for information on how and where to test and how to get transcripts and test scores.

GED Test on Computer

A student may continue working on print-based GED tests as long as a new test series has not been implemented. Students who have started working toward a GED will have until December 2013 to complete a GED Certificate.

Cohort Graduation Reporting

Students attending a GED Option Program may receive high school credit for the work that demonstrates proficiency in academic standards and course expectations. According to the Cohort Graduation Report Media File, in 2010-11, 2,387 Oregon students, age 16-18, were reported in cohort graduation rates as having completed their GED.

Additional Links

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