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Private School Participation under ESEA

Districts and Private Schools Participating in ESEA Equitable Services

What are Equitable Services?

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was signed into law in 1965 and reauthorized as the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015. Titles IA and Title VIII of ESSA mandates provisions for private school students to receive access to equitable services for Title IA, IC, IIA, IIIA, IVA, and IVB. Officials use non-regulatory guidance (NRG) to determine how to ensure equitable services to private school students.

Title IA: Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Title VIII Equitable Services NRG (Includes Titles IC, IIA, IIIA, IVA, IVB and IVF):

Evidence of Consultion Form:

ESEA Equitable Services for Private Schools by LEA

ESEA section 1117 (a)(4)(C), section 8501(a)(4)(C); and 34 CFR section 299.7(a)(4) require the ODE to annually provide information on the amount of funds allocated for equitable services under Title I and Title VIII for each LEA.

Equitable Services Toolkit

Equitable Services Handbook

​Equitable Services Handbook​ is made available to provide information, tools, templates, and resources to Oregon's school districts and private schools for use throughout the equitable services process.

ESSA Quick Reference Brief: Equitable Services

ESSA Quick Reference Brief: Equitable Services​​ is a short document providing a brief overview of the process of sonsultation between Districts and Private Schools.

2023-2024 Affirmation of Consultation Form

​2023-2024 Affirmation of Consultation Form​​​​​​ is the ODE provided form for Districts and Private Schools to complete during consultation. Districts may choose to use their own form as long as it provides a place for Private Schools to indicate whether or not the consultation was meaningful and timely; and whether or not services were provided in a manner that is equitable to public school students. All Affirmations of Consultation should be uploaded to the Evidence of Consultation Form​. ​

Intent to Participate Letter

​Intent to Participate Letter​​​ is a template that the District can use to reach out to Private Schools to invite Private Schools to a consultation meeting.

Consultation Timeline

Consultation Timeline​ is a document outlining the suggested timeline of events that should be completed by Districts and Private Schools when determining equitable services.​

Calculating the Proportionate Share

​Calculating the Proportionate Share​​ is an explanation of how to correctly calculate the allocation for equitable services for Title IA and Title III private school students.

General Information and Ombudsman

​General Information and Ombudsman​​ is an overview of the duties and role of the Private School Ombudsman under ESSA.

Complaint Process

​Complaint Process​​ is an overview of how a private school should file a complaint if they feel the district did not complete consultation in a timely and meaningful manner, give consideration to the views of the private school, and/or provide equitable services.

Title IA Flowchart

Title IA Flowchart​​ is a graphic organizer outlining the flow of discussion that should occur when determining equitable services.​

Title IA Family Income Survey

Title IA Family Income Survey​​ is a form that a private school can distribute to families to help the private school determine if they may have students eligible for Title IA equitable services based on family income.​

Title IA Out-of-District Letter

Title IA Out-of-District Letter​ is a template that a District can send to Private Schools who are located outside of its geographic boundaries but does enroll students that reside in one of its Title IA schools. ​

Title IIA Reimbursement/Stipend Process

​Title IIA Reimbursement/Stipend Process​ is a document that outlines the correct procedures for accessing equitable services by private school employees participating in professional development.

Equitable Needs Assessment

Equitable Servi​​ce Needs Assessmen​t​ is a document that explains how and why and needs assessment is completed for equitable service programs. 

Evaluation of Equitable Service Programs

​Evaluation of Equitable Service Programs​​​​ is a document that explains how and why evaluation of equitable service programs should be completed. It also provides several sample evaluation forms. 

Additional Resources

  • USED Office of Non-Public Education
  • District Equitable Services Contacts Survey Link
  • CRSSA and ARP Emergency Assistance for Non-public Schools (EANS)
  • General Private School FAQs

  • For more information on this topic, email the Private School Ombuds, Janette Newton or call (503) 551-9405.