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Office of School Facilities


The Office of School Facilities has the overall goal of providing healthy, safe, and warm facilities for all children attending Oregon’s public schools. The Office meets this goal through administering a variety of programs for school districts. The grants provided by the Office help districts assess the condition of their buildings, determine how their buildings will help meet their educational goals in the future, and provide as incentives for local communities to invest in their school facilities. Additionally, the Office collects data on school buildings across the state and helps districts communicate how they are addressing potential environmental hazards in their facilities.

Additional Information

For general inquiries, please send us an email.

See below for links to each of the programs administered by the Office.

Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching (OSCIM) Program

Helping local communities invest in their school facilities to keep students
healthy, safe, and warm.

Healthy and Safe Schools (HASS)

Requiring districts to provide transparency to their communities by reporting
lead in water testing, radon testing, lead paint issues, asbestos management,
and Integrated Pest Management work.

School Safety and Emergency Management (SSEM)

Emergency preparation through training, development, and implementation.

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

Helping districts assess deferred maintenance, seismic risks,
environmental hazards, and plan for capital improvements in
school facilities.

School Facilities Database

Providing an accessible record of Oregon’s public school facilities
and their condition.

Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD)

Ensuring the Oregon School for the Deaf campus empowers
Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for success and allows
Deaf culture to thrive.

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