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Nutrition Procurement Resources

Nutrition Procurement Resources

Procurement is another word for purchasing. All sponsors using Federal non-profit food service funds must follow applicable procurement regulations. Conducting proper procurement helps to ensure that sponsors receive the best product possible for the best price. It also helps to ensure there is free and open competition and that taxpayer funds are being spent wisely.

    Capital Equipment Procedures (Purchases over $5,000)

    • USDA Memo SP 39-2016, CACFP 11-2016, SFSP 13-2019:  State Agency Prior Approval for School Food Authority (SFA) Equipment Purchase
    • 2 CFR 200.439 - Equipment and other Capital Expenditures
    • ODE Pre-Approved Equipment List

      If you buy equipment from this list prior approval from ODE is not required before purchasing the equipment for use in Child Nutrition Programs.

    • Capital Equipment Request Form

      If a piece of equipment if over $5,000 and is not on the above pre-approved equipment list, this form must be completed and sent to your assigned specialist for approval before you purchase the equipment for use in Child Nutrition Programs.

    Procurement Regulations



    Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (ORCPP) Resources

    For additional information or questions, contact the Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs at 503-947-5894