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Culturally Specific After School Learning (CSASL)

This Program provides grant opportunities for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Culturally Specific Organizations, school districts, charter schools, early learning hubs or early learning providers, Tribal governments, Education Service Districts, and post-secondary institutions of education or a partnership of these entities to offer Culturally Affirming and enriching After School Learning opportunities for Students, particularly Focal Students , that span across all three Dimensions of Equity.

  • These funds have been provided by the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund III (ESSER III) State Set Aside Key Investments.
  • The amount of each Grant is anticipated to be between $100,000 and $750,000 for the term of the Grant totalling up to $13.5 million 
  • Focused on focal students, youth (K-12) who were already facing limited educational opportunities and disengagement

Program Goals and Values

Program seeks to provide Culturally Affirming and enriching After School Learning programs for students, and programs that go beyond the typical school day for students, including focal students.
CSASL program foundation is anchored in four essential pillars:
  • Addressing unfinished learning through academic and mental health support.
    • CSASL grantees will provide evidence-based strategies and/or additional Promising Practices to identify and address gaps in learning that stem from the COVID pandemic. Grantees will work to create systems for educators to supplement and/or enrich student learning to increase student achievement, comprehension, and mental health support.
  • Culturally Affirming practices, including cultural identity development.
    • CSASL grantees will cultivate a sense of joy, connection and curiosity in students’ own cultural identity. This can be achieved by creating critical relationships that affirm a student’s sense of belonging and connection to peers, adults and school community. CSASL grantees will provide opportunities for students to explore and develop deep connections with cultural aspects of their social identities.
  • Leadership and self-advocacy skills.
    • When working with our future leaders, we expect our CSASL grantees to cultivate leadership and self-advocacy skills that they can utilize on a daily basis to make themself and the world around them better.
  • Giving back to the community.
    • CSASL grantees will cultivate a strong sense of comfort and confidence in families in the school environment and in navigating school systems where they feel like valued partners in their child’s education. They will develop positive relationships between families and other families, school staff, and community partners. We will work together to cultivate positive attendance, routines and increase a meaningful connection to their child’s educational experience by working to align systems in partnership with eligible entities.

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