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CCO 2.0 Contract Selection

CCO 2.0 Coordinated Care Organizations Draft Request for Applications

OHA is seeking public comment on its draft request for applications (RFA) for the 2020-2024 coordinated care contracts.

Coordinated care organizations (CCOs) bring together physical, behavioral, and oral health providers to coordinate care for people on the Oregon Health Plan, or Medicaid. They are designed to improve health and reduce costs by providing more coordinated, flexible and innovative services. They are rewarded for achieving specific health outcomes and quality measures. They are locally governed and accountable to their communities.

The draft RFA lays out the requirements applicants must meet to serve Oregon Health Plan members for the next five years of coordinated care contracts, also known as “CCO 2.0.”

OHA will accept public comment on the draft RFA until 10 a.m. January 14, 2019. OHA will not respond to individual comments. Any changes based on public feedback will be reflected in the final RFA, which will be released January 25, 2019.

Public comment must be submitted through the CCO 2.0 email inbox at

Understanding the draft RFA documents

The “Principal RFA Document” describes the purpose of the RFA and the requirements that a successful applicant must fulfill to receive a contract.

The RFA has three appendices that include: definitions of terms used in the RFA, the contract template, and administrative rule concepts. Within the contract template are exhibits A through N, which provide requirements for specific areas of work. The RFA also has 16 attachments, which include forms and questionnaires applicants must submit.

Documents in the RFA and Sample Contract most closely related to the Governor’s four priority areas and the Oregon Health Policy Board’s adopted policy recommendations are identified below:
  • Increase value and pay for performance (RFA Attachment 8 and Sample Contract Exhibit H).
  • Focus on social determinants of health and health equity (RFA Attachment 10 and Sample Contract Exhibit N).
  • Improve the behavioral health systems and address barriers to access to and integration of care (RFA Attachment 11 and Sample Contract Exhibit M).
  • Maintain sustainable cost growth and ensure financial transparency (RFA Attachment 12 and Sample Contract Exhibit L).

Draft Principal RFA Document, Attachments 1-5
Draft RFA Attachment 6 General Questions
Draft RFA Attachment 7 Provider Participation and Operations Questionnaire
Draft RFA Attachment 8 Value Based Payment Questionnaire
Draft RFA Attachment 9 Health Information Technology Questionnaire
Draft RFA Attachment 10 SDOH and Health Equity Questionnaire
Draft RFA Attachment 11 Behavioral Health Questionnaire
Draft RFA Attachment 12 Cost and Financial Questionnaire
Draft RFA Attachment 13 Attestations
Draft RFA Attachment 14 Assurances
Draft RFA Attachment 15 Representations
Draft RFA Attachment 16 Member Transition Plan
Draft RFA Appendix A Definitions
Draft RFA Appendix B Sample Cintract, Exhibits A-N
Draft RFA Appendix C Administrative Rule Concepts
Draft Procurement Rate Methodology

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