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Staff members touring energy facilityOregon’s large energy facilities that fall under the jurisdiction​ of the Energy Facility Siting Council are required to be constructed, operated, and retired in compliance with a facility's Site Certificate and Final Order.

Oregon Department of Energy staff, on behalf of EFSC, monitor these facilities to ensure that owners and operators construct, operate, maintain, and decommission facilities in accordance with the required terms and conditions. 
After a site certificate has been issued, ODOE compliance staff:
  • Ensure pre-construction conditions are met before the certificate-holder begins construction.
  • Review pre-construction and annual operating reports to ensure compliance.
  • Perform site inspections and verify submitted information and document compliance with certificate conditions.
  • Investigate actual or potential violations of state, federal or local law, Council rules, Council order, and site certificate conditions or warranties. 

Site Certificate holders are required to report incidents to the Oregon Department of Energy. Learn more about incident reporting.

Members of the public, land owners, and land users can also request an inspection or alert the Oregon Department of Energy to potential incidents at facilities. Learn more​
​​​ ​Contact ODOE's Siting Compliance Officer: