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Umatilla-Morrow County Connect Project is a proposed 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line, with four proposed route alternatives, traversing Morrow and Umatilla counties. The length of the proposed transmission line ranges from 13 to 15 miles, depending on the route alternative.

​Under Review. On September 22, 2023, the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE or Department) received a Notice of Intent to File an Application for a Site Certificate for the Umatilla-Morrow County Connect Project (proposed facility).

Public Comments:
The Department requests public comments on the NOI to help identify issues and areas of concern that should be addressed in the full application. Comments must be submitted by 5:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) on December 1, 2023 to be considered.

ODOE has an online portal for submitting public comments. The goal of the online portal is to provide members of the public with another convenient option to participate in Council rulemaking proceedings.

To comment on this project, select “Umatilla-Morrow County Connect Project " from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your comment.

Written comments may be submitted in writing by mail, e-mail, or by fax. Please send comments to:

Oregon Department of Energy
ATTN: Chase McVeigh-Walker, Senior Siting Analyst
550 Capitol Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: (971) 600-5323
Fax: (503) 373-7806

The Department held a public informational meeting at the Port of Morrow Riverfront Center on the Notice of Intent on November 1, 2023. The meeting provided an opportunity for in-person and remote participation. 

Meeting Materials:

​Morrow and Umatilla counties. The proposed transmission line would be located east of Bombing Range Road and extend eastward on the north side of I-84 to I-82. PDF Map​ 

Online Maps:

Applicant/Certificate holder: Umatilla Electric Cooperative
ODOE contact: Chase McVeigh-Walker
Applicant/Certificate holder contact: Cole Bode


Project Timeline

Additional Documents
Deadline to submit written comments on NOI


Exhibit Files Reference

  • Exhibit A: Applicant Information 
  • Exhibit B: Project Description
  • Exhibit C: Property Location and Maps
  • Exhibit D: Organizational Information
  • Exhibit E​: Permits Required
  • Exhibit F: Property Ownership 
  • Exhibit G: Materials Analysis
  • Exhibit H: Geology and Soil Stability 
  • Exhibit I: Soils
  • Exhibit J: Wetlands
  • Exhibit K: Land Use
  • Exhibit L: Protected Areas
  • Exhibit M: Financial Analysis
  • Exhibit N​: Non-generating Facility Information
  • Exhibit O: Water Requirements
  • Exhibit P: Fish Wildlife Habitat 
  • Exhibit Q: Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals
  • Exhibit R: Scenic Aesthetic Values 
  • Exhibit S: Cultural Resources
  • Exhibit T: Recreational Facilities 
  • Exhibit U: Public Services
  • Exhibit V​: Waste Minimization 
  • Exhibit W: Site Restoration
  • Exhibit X: Noise 
  • Exhibit Y: Carbon Dioxide Emissions 
  • Exhibit Z: Cooling Towers  
  • Exhibit AA: EMFs – Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Exhibit BB: Other Information
  • Exhibit CC: Additional Statutes Rules Ordinances
  • Exhibit DD​: Other Specific Standards