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Requesting an Inspection

Anyone may request that Oregon Department of Energy staff complete an inspection of a facility under Energy Facility Siting Council jurisdiction.

Oregon Administrative Rules 345-026-005​0(2) provide guidance on submitting a request, which are limited to two areas:
  1. The requestor believes a violation of an EFSC order, site certificate condition, or warranty has occurred or may imminently occur; or
  2. A situation exists that may lead to unnecessary exposure of an individual to hazardous materials or unsafe or dangerous conditions.
The inspection request must be in writing and include specific grounds for the request. Please use the Site Inspection Reques​t Form (paper form or electronic), or include all of the information requested in the form in a letter to ODOE.
After receiving a complete request, an ODOE compliance officer will:
  1. Review the request and may contact the requestor to determine jurisdiction.
  2. Notify the requestor if it is determined the facility is outside EFSC’s jurisdiction or if a determination is made that an inspection is not warranted. A “no-inspection” determination may be appealed to EFSC.
  3. Provide all required certificate holder notifications.
  4. Notify the requestor after an inspection.

Site Inspection Request Form

If you are mailing the form, or an alternate letter, please send it to:

Oregon Department of Energy:
Attn: Energy Facility Compliance Officer
550 Capitol St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
A requestor who is employed directly or indirectly by the certificate holder may ask that his or her name not be disclosed in any manner except where disclosure is required by law.
​​Compliance Program​

Oregon Administrative Rules
Electronic Inspection Request Form​
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