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​ September 2021 Siting Project Update​s

The Latest Updates
​Approved Facilities Under Construction:
Archway Solar Energy Facility​ – Notice of Intent 

The applicant anticipates submitting a preliminary application for site certificate (pASC) in October 2021.​

Bakeoven Solar Project  –  Amendment 1 Submittal  

The Department received certificate holder responses to Requests for Additional Information in August 2021. The Department is continuing its review of the pRFA, drafting the Draft Proposed Order (DPO) and anticipates issuing its amendment determination concurrent with the issuance of the complete RFA and DPO in September.

Blue Marmot  Solar Energy Facility  Notice of Intent  

The applicant indicated it is pursuing a modified facility lay out and pursuing permitting via the County process. The applicant also indicated it may proceed with the EFSC review of the facility proposed to EFSC in the ASC, however, the ODOE/EFSC review of the proposed facility is on a temporary hold at this time.

Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line – Contested Case 

Hearing Officer issued rulings on Motions for Summary Determination between June 15, 2021 and August 13, 2021. Council reviewed one interlocutory appeal at its regularly scheduled August 2021 meeting which affirmed the Hearing Officer rulings on issues SP-2 and FW-13 and overturned the Hearing Officer ruling on issue R-2, keeping the limited party and issue as part of the contested case proceeding.

The deadline for filing expert witness lists and exhibit lists is September 3, 2021. The written direct testimony phase is set to begin on September 17, 2021. This is the date the parties and limited parties are to file their direct testimony and evidence, unless modified by the Hearing Officer in an anticipated Second Order on Case Management and Updated Contested Case Schedule​.

Boardman Solar Energy Project  –  Amendment 1 Draft Proposed Order  

On August 12, 2021 the Department issued concurrently a Type B Review Determination, and a Draft Proposed Order (DPO) on Request for Amendment 1 (RFA1), recommending approval of the construction deadline extensions. The issuance of the DPO began a 25-day comment period on the DPO and complete RFA1. Written comments on RFA1 and the DPO must be received by ODOE by 5 p.m. PST on September 6, 2021.

The Department will review and evaluate any comments received on the record of the DPO, and anticipates issuance of the Proposed Order in early September 2021. Furthermore, the Department antici​​pates Council review of the Proposed Order at the September 2021 EFSC meeting.

Bonanza Energy Facility​ – Notice of Intent  

The applicant anticipates submitting a preliminary application for site certificate (pASC) in the first quarter of 2022.

Eugene to Medford Transmission Line –  Amendment 4 Submittal 

Upon PacifiCorp’s submittal of requested information, the Department will review the information and will either request further informat​ion or determine that the RFA4 is complete. The Department is drafting the portions of the Draft Proposed Order where sufficient information is available related to a given EFSC standard. 

Jordan Cove Energy Project/Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline  

The applicant has decided to “pause the development of the Project while they assess the impact of recent permitting decisions."​ The FERC license requires that the project owner receive all federal and federally delegated permits prior to beginning construction. The FERC order allows the project owner to begin condemnation proceedings to acquire Rights of Way through the use of eminent domain.

Mon​tague Solar Facility – ADR Review 

The Department anticipates issuance of a determination on whether the proposed changes require a site certificate amendment under OAR 345-027-0350(4) in September 2021.

Nolin Hills Wind Project    Application Submittal 

The applicant is revising the preliminary application in response to the Department's request for additional information, which ODOE will review once submitted.. 

​Obsidian Solar Center  –  Contested Case 

The deadline for parties and limited parties to submit written sur-rebuttal testimony and evidence and to submit requests for cross-examination of ​witnesses was August 9, 2021. ​Cross-examination hearing held via Webinar held from August 30, 2021 to September 3, 2021.​

Port Westward Renewable Diesel Project    Exemption Request Submittal 

NEXT responded to the Department's request for additional information on February 26, 2021 and March 22, 2021. The Department evaluat​ed the information submitted and concluded that the exemption request is still incomplete without land use approval for the facility and associated rail spur. The Department issued a letter to NEXT on March 30, 2021 with an evaluation of the entire exemption request while also stating that the request is still incomplete.

The Department is waiting on the applicant to submit evidence of land use approval.​

Stateline Wind Project ​ Amendment 6 Submittal 

The Department issued the pRFA Public Notice on August 5, 2021 and sent the Request for Additional Information (RAI1) to the certificate holder on August 26, 2021. The Department anticipates making a determination on the Type B Request by October 26, 2021.

Wagon Trail Solar Project – Amended Notice of Intent 

On August 17, 2021, the Department released the First Amended Project Order based on the amended NOI that was submitted in June 2021. The applicant anticipates submitting a preliminary application for site certificate in​​ the fall (2021).

West End Solar Energy Project – Approved Expedited Review for Small Capacity Facilities  

The applicant anticipates submitting a preliminary application for site certificate (pASC) in September 2021. Per the expedited review process, the Department will issue a Project Order after receiving the preliminary application.

Rulemaking – Protected Areas, Scenic Resources, and Recreation Standards​ 

The Department held the second rulemaking workshop to obtain additional public input on draft proposed rule revisions and issues associated with this project on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. Audio recordings of the first two workshops is available from the Council's rulemaking website. The third workshop, which will focus on issues related to the Scenic Resources and Recreation Standards, is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 14, 2021, from 1 to 4 pm. Additional detai​ls and meeting materials will be posted to the Council's rulemaking website in the coming weeks​.

​​Rulemaking – Radioactive Waste Materials

The Department presented its preliminary recommendations for the scope and conduct of this rulemaking to the Council at its meeting on August 27, 2021. The Council approved staff's request to initiate rulemaking proceedings and appointed a Rulemaking Advisory Committee (RAC) to assist in the development of proposed rules. The Department will meet with the RAC over the coming months to discuss issues and obtain advice on issues related to radioactive waste disposal. Additional detail​s and materials will be posted to the Council's rulemaking website in the coming weeks.

Rulemaking – Trojan ISFSI

Staff will make draft proposed rules and an updated evaluation of the terms and conditions of PGE’s Special Nuclear Materials license and its associated Safety Analysis Report available for public review prior to the Council’s consideration of proposed rules.

​​Rulemaking –​ Application Review Process Phase 1 

The Department presented its preliminary recommendations for the scope and conduct of this rulemaking to the Council at its meeting on August 27, 2021. The Council approved staff's request to initiate rulemaking proceedings.

Staff will conduct an initial scoping survey to obtain initial input on the rulemaking project and identify organization and individuals that may be interested in participating on a Rulemaking Advisory Committee for this project. Anyone who is interested in participating in the scoping survey can sign up for email updates on the Council's rulemaking activities.

Rulemaking​ –​ Wildfire Mitigation & Response

Staff will provide an update to the Council on the status of the Public Utility Commission’s rulemaking at an upcoming Council meeting, and will request Council’s direction on how it wishes to proceed with rulemaking​.
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