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January 2019 Siting Project Update

What’s New

The Latest Updates: January 2019
Bakeoven Solar Project – New Proposed Project

ODOE received a notice of intent from the developer on November 2, 2018. ODOE issued its Public Notice on the Notice of Intent on November 28, 2018, with a comment deadline of January 11, 2019.  
Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line​ – Agency Review/Draft Proposed Order

The State of Oregon reviewing agency comment period deadline was November 26, 2018. ODOE is coordinating with reviewing agencies and drafting the draft proposed order.  
Carty Generating Station – Amendment Reviews

EFSC approved the proposed order as the final order, with modifications, and granted an amended site certificate at its December 14, 2018 Council meeting.  
Montague Wind Power Facility – Amendment Request

ODOE received Montague’s revised preliminary Request for Amendment, which incoorperates information request responses and amends the turbine model option proposed in Design Scenario B. ODOE and reviewing agencies will conduct a completeness review.  
NEXT Renewable Fuels – New Proposed Project

Waterside Energy Development, LLC is proposing a bio-diesel facility, and has pre-submitted an exemption application for a site certificate. ODOE will review the application upon receipt. ​(Project does not yet have an ODOE project webpage.)  
Perennial Wind Chaser Station – Amendment Request

Site certificate holder has requested a two-year extension of the construction and completion deadlines. ODOE reviewed Perennial's response to the initial request for additional information, and determined that additional information was needed. Once that information is received, ODOE will review the information to determine completeness.  
PGE Biglow Canyon Wind Farm – Amendment Determination Request

Site certificate holder is requesting ODOE's determination as to whether an amendment is required for transitioning temporary crane pads to a permanent disturbance. ODOE is reviewing the amendment determination request.  
Stateline Wind Project  – Amendment Review

ODOE determined the certificate holder’s responses to the Department's information request sufficient. The certificate holder then submitted a revised amendment request, incorporating information request responses, which ODOE determined to be the complete amendment request. ODOE anticipates issuing a draft proposed order in January 2019​.  
Summit Ridge Wind Farm – Amendment Review

The Department has been reviewing the Request for Amendment for completeness; as well as responses to requests for additional information. ODOE anticipates issuing its completeness determination and Draft Proposed Order in January 2019. 
​​​Wheatridge Wind Energy Facility – Amendment Reviews

Amendment 2: Council approved the proposed order as the final order, with modifications, and granted an amended site certificate at its December 14, 2018 Council meeting.

Amendment 4: ODOE received a preliminary request for amendment on November 30, 2018 and in coordination with reviewing agencies is reviewing it for completeness.  ​​
Rulemaking​ – Solar PV

EFSC has a Rulemaking Advisory Committee for solar PV facilities. The third RAC meeting will be on January 30, 2019 in Boardman, Oregon. 

ODOE is participating as a Rulemaking Advisory Committee member for the Land Conservation and Development Commission rulemaking, which is evaluating rules related to the siting of solar PV facilities located on Exclusive Farm Use zoned land. Four meetings were held between October-December 2018. Proposed rules are expected to be filed in January 2019, and a hearing expected to be held on January 24, 2019.
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Upcoming Public Involvement
Next EFSC Meeting​: February 21-22, 2019

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