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A combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant with a nominal generating capacity of up to 500 MW. In Amendment 3, the certificate holder proposed to amend the site certificate and construct and operate a 35 MW biomass-fueled power plant.
Terminated. Certificate holder withdrew its request for Amendment 3. Certificate holder did not meet the required construction start date, therefore the site certificate expired. The Council terminated the site certificate on November 15, 2013​. Should the certificate holder decide to revisit the project, they would be required to begin again with a notice of intent.
Klamath County, near the city of Klamath Falls.
Applicant/Certificate holder: Klamath Generation LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iberdrola Renewables, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Iberdrola Renewables Holdings, Inc.
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Project Timeline

Additional Documents
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Exhibit Files Reference

  • Exhibit A: Applicant Information 
  • Exhibit B: Project Description
  • Exhibit C: Property Location and Maps
  • Exhibit D: Organizational Information
  • Exhibit E​: Permits Required
  • Exhibit F: Property Ownership 
  • Exhibit G: Materials Analysis
  • Exhibit H: Geology and Soil Stability 
  • Exhibit I: Soils
  • Exhibit J: Wetlands
  • Exhibit K: Land Use
  • Exhibit L: Protected Areas
  • Exhibit M: Financial Analysis
  • Exhibit N​: Non-generating Facility Information
  • Exhibit O: Water Requirements
  • Exhibit P: Fish Wildlife Habitat 
  • Exhibit Q: Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals
  • Exhibit R: Scenic Aesthetic Values 
  • Exhibit S: Cultural Resources
  • Exhibit T: Recreational Facilities 
  • Exhibit U: Public Services
  • Exhibit V​: Waste Minimization 
  • Exhibit W: Site Restoration
  • Exhibit X: Noise 
  • Exhibit Y: Carbon Dioxide Emissions 
  • Exhibit Z: Cooling Towers  
  • Exhibit AA: EMFs – Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Exhibit BB: Other Information
  • Exhibit CC: Additional Statutes Rules Ordinances
  • Exhibit DD​: Other Specific Standards