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Title II-A Guidance

This page provides state and federal guidance regarding implementation of Title II-A requirements.

ODE Guidance

The webinar held on May 23, 2018 to support districts in planning for IIA in 2018-19.

This document outlines each of the title programs under ESSA with information on ways funds across multiple titles can be used to support a variety of strategies to support student learning. 

This information is intended to help district personnel complete the Title II, Part A section of the Budget Narrative for federal funding.

The Course-to-Endorsement Catalogue is a collaborative project between ODE, TSPC and Districts which identifies by endorsements the courses that the teacher is authorized to teach. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires the teacher be properly licensed/endorsed for each course he/she teaches.

This document provides a brief summary of Title II-A.

This document provides information about the use of carryover funds for Title II, Part A.

Effective professional development depends upon the quality of planning, implementation and evaluation. Within this guide, planning, implementation and evaluation are presented in steps with research-based information and tools and worksheets that can be used to develop a professional development plan, ensure implementation, and evaluate results.

Federal Guidance
The Department issued this guidance to provide SEAs and LEAs with information to assist them in meeting their obligations under Title II, Part A provisions. This initial guidance also reflects feedback the Department received from States, districts, and a variety of other stakeholders and educators, during listening sessions regarding high-priority areas for guidance related to these funds. This guidance goes into effect for the 2017-2018 SY.

The federal non-regulatory guidance is written in a question and answer format and offers answers to the most frequently asked questions about Title IIA.

Private Schools

The resources and tools on this page are provided to school districts as they work with private schools to provide equitable services.

This PowerPoint outlines requirements regarding consultation with private schools as well as allocations and application requirements associated with private schools for Title IIA. 

This recording outlines requirements regarding consultation with private schools as well as allocations and application requirments associated with private schools for Title IIA.

This document outlines the key points shared at the February 7th webinar and is provided to districts as they prepare for consultations with private schools.

This PowerPoint addressed the obligations of SEAs and LEAs in providing for the equitable participation of private school teachers in Title II, Part A programs. Topics included: the requirements of LEAs to conduct timely and meaningful consultation about Title II, Part A and the participation of private school teachers; expenditures for equitable services; the delivery of equitable services; allowable program activities; and frequently-asked Title II, Part A questions.

This document provides guidance and resources to support districts in their role as the fiscal agent for private schools as it relates to the provision of IIA equitable services.

This document provides a template for districts to plan Title II-A professional development with their participating private schools. Please note: This document is provided as a resource only. Districts cannot require private schools to use it.

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