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Oregon KindergartenFrequently Asked Questions

​The Oregon Legislature approved the kindergarten bill in July 1981 to require all school districts to offer kindergarten by 1991. Most school districts jumped in within a few years after 1981.​ Oregon funded full-day kindergarten in 2015.

​Kindergarten is not a required grade in Oregon, as compulsory school attendance does not begin until age 6. Because of this, parents can choose not to send their child to kindergarten. This does mean, however, that the child will enter first grade the following year (whether or not they attended kindergarten).​

​Early entry is based on the decision of the local school board, which is based on the determination of that particular child's cognitive, social, and physical development needs.​

*The ORS for Early Entry is 336.095​

All children between the ages of 6 and 18 years who have not completed the 12th grade are required to regularly attend a public full-time school during the entire school term.

Children five years of age who have been enrolled in a public school are required to regularly attend the public school while enrolled in the public school.

A child is considered to be six years of age if the sixth birthday of the child occurred on or before September 1 immediately preceding the beginning of the current school term.

*The ORS for Compulsory school attendance is 339.010​

School districts must offer half-day kindergarten and may choose to offer full-day kindergarten. Districts must provide kindergarten facilities free of charge. Kindergarten shall be funded in the same manner as other grades (ADM shall be calculated as per ORS 327.006).​

​*The ORS for full-day and half-day kindergarten is 336.095​


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