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EI/ECSE - Families


Families are critical in defining a child’s learning and development. Early Intervention and/or Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE) impacts a child’s life span across daily activities. These impacts happen both during and after the time that a child engages with services and supports provided by EI/ECSE Agencies.

At the Oregon Department of Education, we believe the following principles to be true:

  • Families are the first and true expert on their child, and as partners bring a wealth of information to those who provide special education services to their child.
  • Families have their own unique culture and context within a community.
  • Families are teaching their children all of the time.
  • Families have hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their child.
  • Every family deserves to be heard, seen, and respected in all of their humanity including their race, language, and disability by those who provide services and supports to them and their child.
  • Families have rights that are outlined clearly under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and are leaders that join us in partnership to improve outcomes for their child experiencing disability.
  • Together, we are stronger when families have what they need to care for and educate their child.

Resources for Families

The following resources have been developed specifically for families in Oregon. This list supports learning and understanding as EI/ECSE agencies and staff engage with and move forward in partnership with Oregon’s diverse families.

Do you have concerns about your child’s development?

Organizations Supporting Families of Children Experiencing Disability

State Advisory Councils

Other Agencies Serving the Needs of Young Children and Families

Family Resources from National Partners


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