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Oregon Child Nutrition Programs COVID-19 Response and Resources

This page contains the most recent information and resources available on how the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is affecting Child Nutrition Programs in Oregon.

Supply Chain Disruptions Update 10/28/2021

ODE CNP is receiving reports of food distributors and suppliers in Oregon canceling orders and deliveries, sometimes with little or no notice to the sponsor. The primary reason we are hearing is “due to labor shortages in their warehouse and delivery drivers". There are also nationwide shortages of certain menu items and paper products. 

Please use these resources-

USDA Customizable Menu/Supply Chain Letter 

Customizable letter for Child Nutrition Program Sponsors to families and school community about supply chain disruptions and menu changes.

Non-competitive Procurement during Emergency

In response to such cases as mentioned above, School Food Authorities and Program Sponsors may use the regulatory authority found in Federal procurement regulations at 2 CFR 200.320(c)(3) and ORS 279B.080, which allows operators to use the emergency noncompetitive proposal procurement method to negotiate a new one-year contract for school year 2021-2022. The situation described above is an appropriate time to utilize this provision as it is always available to operators if they determine that current emergency circumstances exist. More information can be found on the ODE CNP Procurement web page. 

Meal Pattern Flexibility Waiver Request

A meal pattern flexibility waiver is available to sponsors of the CACFP, NSLP and SSO due to supply disruptions, shortages, etc. To request, please click the link below-

Oregon Meal Pattern Waiver Request Form (July 2021- June 2022)

Potential Vendors

ODE has compiled a list of vendors that may be able to provide services to you. If you are aware of other vendors, please notify ODE and we will add them to these lists-

Oregon Harvest for Schools Directory- Search for local Oregon producers

Oregon DAS Price Agreement Vendors- State of Oregon contracted food vendors

Known Oregon Broadline Food Distributors-

Sysco Portland

Gold Star Foods Clackamas

US Foods Woodburn

Shamrock Boise

McDonald Wholesale

Alpine Food Distribution Milwaukie

The ODE COVID-19 Food Resources page catalogs and links to each district's webpage with information about how they are feeding kids during COVID.

All Programs COVID Information

Memos, Q&A, Oregon and USDA Waivers
Nationwide Waivers

T​his image is a link and conveniently details all of the nationwide waivers and guidance issued to date by the USDA in response to the coronavirus. - No Kid Hungry (2019) Summary of COVID-19 Child Nutrition Programs Response Nationwide Waivers & Memos. Retrieved from:​

NKH Waiver Table

Oregon​ Waivers

Waivers Pending Approval

USDA Foods
​USDA Foods (direct delivery, finished end products, and DoD Fresh Fruits & Vegetables) can and should be used.

April 29, 2020 - ODE USDA Foods COVID-19 Technical Assistance Sponsor Panel Webinar​ and Accompanying Q & As

Existing USDA Foods inventories can and should be utilized in your feeding operations. Many food distributors are reporting shortages of grab n go type food items. It may be more feasible to order in bulk and re-package. Re-packaging could be in baggies, pc cups, paper/plastic bags, etc. Hot f​oods may be packaged and served in grab n go situations. It is important to have instructions telling families that these items should be consumed within 2 hours or refrigerated to 41 degrees or below and then re-heated to 165 degrees when ready for consumption.

ODE has posted pictures of school district submitted photos of to-go options utilizing USDA Foods on the USDA Foods Best Practices ​web page. ODE has compiled a list of Grab-N-Go end products from USDA Foods processors. Existing USDA Foods inventory balances can be used while saving the school money during the COVID-19 crisis: List of available Grab-N-Go end products

USDA Foods can be given to other sponsors or donated to the Oregon Food Bank/local food bank if the sponsor is unable to utilize. Many USDA Foods have extended shelf life, please keep this in mind before sharing or donating.

For questions related to USDA Foods, you can contact the following staff directly:

Integrity Plan Resources

The USDA Nationwide COVID-19 Response Waivers have allowed sponsors to provide meals via a variety of meal service styles and methods. In the last year, there have been many flexibilities applied to the Child Nutrition Program regulations; however, throughout this time, USDA has consistently emphasized the need for program integrity ensuring that participants receive only one meal, per meal type, per day. ODE CNP has encouraged sponsors to create integrity plans detailing the steps taken to ensure that duplicative meals are not served. ODE does not approve Integrity Plans. Each sponsor's plan should detail the process put in place to ensure that meals are distributed only to eligible participants or to parents or guardians of eligible participants and that duplicate meals are not distributed to any participant. While ODE CNP is not currently requiring sponsors to submit their integrity plans for approval, these policies and procedures may be requested by ODE CNP.

This section is meant to provide sponsors with real examples, from fellow sponsors, of integrity plans, as well as hybrid, in-person and distance learning meal services. The documents linked in this section have not been reviewed for completeness.  

Guiding Questions for creating an Integrity Plan:

Program-Specific Information

Some information may be duplicated across multiple programs depending on its relevance

School Nutrition Programs

For regulation and additional information, not related to operation during COVID-19, visit the SNP Webpage

NSLP and SSO Contacts

​Please see this list for your assigned specialist if you have questions or need assistance:  

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) is part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. P-EBT is money for buying food at home for students.  Oregon is sending P-EBT to families with eligible students this summer.  The grocery money is to make-up for meals students missed while school and childcare are closed part-time or full-time during the 2020-2021 school year.  You can still get "grab-and-go" or summer meals from the school while receiving P-EBT.

P-EBT is a program in partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).  Please visit the Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) webpage for the most current information.

SNP Webinars
SNP/SSO Resources

Operational Resources

Meal Service Tips

Back to School Resources

Child and Adult Care Food Programs

For regulation and additional information, not related to operation during COVID-19, visit the CACFP Webpage

CACFP and SFSP Contacts
CACFP Resources

Operational Resources

Meal Service Tips
Safety and Sanitation Resources

Summer Food Service Programs

For regulation and additional information, not related to operation during COVID-19, visit the SFSP Webpage

CACFP and SFSP Contacts
SFSP Resources

Operational Resources

Meal Service Tips

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