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Resources for Title IX Coordinators

Resources for Title IX Coordinators

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Designation of Title IX Coordinator

Any district/school that receives federal funds must designate a Title IX Coordinator, and must make the contact information for the Coordinator (name or title, work address, phone number, and email address) available on the school’s website. The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the district/school’s response to sex discrimination (including discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity), but may designate other officials to fulfill certain aspects of that role.

Training for Title IX Coordinators

In April 2024, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released new Title IX regulations, effective August 1, 2024. The regulations under new § 106.8(d) require specific training for Title IX coordinators and designees, investigators, decisionmakers, persons who have the authority to create or implement supportive measures, and persons facilitating any information resolution processes, as well as foundational training for all employees.

ODE will be offering trainings beginning in August 2024 to assist schools in meeting the requirements under the new Title IX regulations. These sessions will be offered virtually and include:
  • IX 101, a two-hour overview training for Title IX Coordinators and other designated Title IX personnel who are new to Title IX or who have not received training in several years. This training covers a basic overview of Title IX compliance and specific focus areas of the regulations and guidance, including athletics, single-sex programs, gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination, student pregnancy support, and sex-based harassment, as well as how Title IX overlaps with Oregon state laws.
  • Title IX Investigations and Responses, a three-hour training that is designed to meet the training requirements under new § 106.8(d)(2) for investigators, decisionmakers, and other persons who are responsible for implementing the recipient’s grievance procedures or have the authority to modify or terminate supportive measures. This training covers:
    • Definitions of sex discrimination and sex-based harassment, including scope of conduct covered by those definitions;
    • What constitutes notice of sex discrimination, and how schools must respond when notified of sex discrimination, including the provision of supportive measures; and
    • The required grievance process under § 106.45, and how to conduct grievance procedures impartially including avoiding conflict of interest and bias.
  • Title IX Coordinator Training, a two-hour training that is designed to meet the training requirements under new § 106.8(d)(4) for Title IX Coordinators and designees. This training is designed to supplement the content provided in the Title IX Investigations and Responses training; Title IX Coordinators are encouraged to take both. This training covers:
    • What it means to respond “promptly and effectively” to sex discrimination under § 106.8(a)
    • Required policies, procedures, and notices under § 106.8
    • Responding to student pregnancy under § 106.40(b)(3)
    • Requirements to monitor for barriers to reporting under § 106.44(b)
    • Specific requirements of Title IX Coordinators for responding to sex discrimination, including the coordination of supportive measures
    • Recordkeeping requirements under § 106.8(f)
Email Kate Hildebrandt, ODE Civil Rights and Title IX Specialist, at for training dates. Customized training for individual schools and districts is also available.

Resources from the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights

Title IX Regulations and Guidance Documents:

The OCR Reading Room links to additional helpful documents and resources you can explore.

Search OCR’s Case Resolutions relating to sex discrimination.

Visit OCR’s Resources for LGBTQI+ Students for more information on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

OCR’s Notice of Non-discrimination explains the requirements for schools, colleges, and state and local governments that receive federal funds to issue notices of non-discrimination, clarifies the information that they should include in their non-discrimination notices, and provides a sample notice of non-discrimination. This fact sheet is designed to assist education institutions in establishing a notice of non-discrimination that meets the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Visit the United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (USDOE OCR) website for more information.

Partner, State, and National Resources

Oregon School Activities Association’s Title IX Resources includes training webinars on equity and Title IX in athletics, equity analysis tools, and additional resources.

ODE Sexuality Education Requirements and Resources includes information on Oregon’s requirements for violence prevention and comprehensive sexuality education, including resources for violence prevention education.

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools has resources and supports for students, families, and schools specific to Title IX in a K-12 environment.

The Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force provides Oregon-specific support and resources, including a K-12 Title IX project and various violence prevention resources.

Contact Us

Email Kate Hildebrandt, ODE Civil Rights and Title IX Specialist, at with any questions.