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Sexuality Education

2023 Oregon K-12 Health Education Standards

On October 19th, 2023, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted new Health K-12 Education Standards. These new standards will come into full effect in Oregon public schools by the 2025-26 school year. Please sign up for the Sexuality Education Newsletter and the Health/PE Newsletter for more information and opportunities, including supplemental materials, resources, professional development, and informational sessions.

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Sexuality Education Overview

Sexuality Education is a required part of Health Education. Oregon’s approach to Comprehensive Sexuality Education equips students with the knowledge and skills to realize their health, well-being, and educational goals. Sexuality Education supports students to:

  • Realize their health, well-being, and dignity;
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships, including friendships, and/or romantic or sexual relationships;
  • Develop awareness of their own identities and support the identities of others;
  • Ensure the protection of their rights and the rights of others throughout their lives;
  • Consider their own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others;
  • Recognize and access support, information, and care from trusted adults and organizations; and
  • Reduce chid abuse, sexual violence, harassment, and bullying.

This website provides information on requirements, best practices, and other tools that school districts, communities, and others can use in planning for and implementing sexuality education, child abuse prevention, menstrual dignity, and healthy relationships programming. For specific information on what materials or practices local school districts may be using, please contact the individual district directly. 

The following graphic demonstrates the many pathways in which ODE supports school districts across the state. The visual representation of each category correlates with the dropdown website content below, and houses relevant resources from ODE and other statewide partners. Please contact for technical support or information.

Pathways to K-12 Sexuality Education Implementation 

Infographic of 9 pathways to K-12 sex ed in Oregon, icons correlate with below dropdown menus

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Related La​ws, Rules, and Policies​

The following Oregon and ODE laws, rules, and policies relate to K-12 comprehensive sexuality education and health education implementation. 

  • Human Sexuality Education (OAR 581-022-2050) Requires that each school district adopt a child sexual abuse prevention instructional program for all students, in each grade K-12, including a minimum of four lessons per year. Instruction and material must be age appropriate, medically accurate, not shame or fear based, LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusive, and build on itself. While four lessons per year is the time requirement attached to this OAR through Erin’s Law, all Health Education Standards and Performance Indicators must also be met in order to be fully in compliance with Division 22 statute. This includes information on healthy relationships and dating violence prevention. 

  • Oregon Civil Rights Law ORS 659.850, Title IX
    Protects students against discrimination, and identifies sex and sexual orientation as protected classes (as well as race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, age or disability). 

  • Menstrual Dignity for Students (2021 HB 3294; Permanent OARs 581-021-0587, 581-021-0590, 581-021-0593, 581-021-0596, 581-022-2515​) See dropdown at the bottom of this page for information on program requirements, an implementation toolkit, and reimbursement forms. 

  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention (Adi’s Act”) (ORS 339.343; OAR 581-022-2510) Requires Oregon School Districts to develop comprehensive district Student Suicide Prevention Plans.

  • Every Student Belongs (HB 2697 2020; OAR 581-022-2312)
    Prohibits hate symbols, specifically three of the most recognizable symbols of hate in the U.S.—the swastika (outside of a religious context), the Confederate flag, and the noose. 

  • Oregon Safe Schools Act (ORS 339.351 to 339.364

  • ODE Supporting Gender Expansive Students: Guidance for Schools, January 2023

  • ODE LGBTQ2SIA+ Student Success Plan, 2020

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Individualized Technical Support for Districts​

ODE provides direct support for all 197 school districts and community members who support K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Oregon, including: 

  • Division 22 Technical Assistance 

  • Meeting or presentation about K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education implementation for school board, school district, or community 

  • Email for support 

Subscribe to ODE’s Sex Ed List Serv for updates on resources and support for districts.

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Administrator & Community Resources

The following resources have been created by ODE to support administrators and communities to better understand the scope of comprehensive sexuality education, which aligns with Oregon laws and Health Education standards.

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​​Instructional Materials

The following resources have been created by ODE to support districts in K-12 implementation of sexuality education through instructional materials. To learn more about instructional materials, please visit the Instructional Materials webpage

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Standards & Performance Indicators

The following resources have been created by ODE to support districts in K-12 implementation of sexuality education through Health Education standards and instructional materials.

2023 Health Education Standards Documents

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Professional Development

The following ODE professional development resources are available to all Oregon school districts who support K-12 sexuality education implementation. 

Related sexuality education trainings, conference, and professional development opportunities can also be found within our monthly Sex Ed Newsetter. Subscribe to the ODE Sex Ed Listserv for more information.

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​Newsletter & Resources

To receive updates about Sexuality Education, including our monthly newsletter, please subscribe to ODE's Sex Ed Listserv by entering your email address. You may update your ODE Listserv subscriptions by clicking "Subscriber Preferences".

Archived ODE Sex Ed Newsletters can be found here.

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Child Abuse & Violence Prevention Resources

The following resources are intended to support school districts in the implementation of child abuse and teen dating prevention education through 2015 Erin’s Law and the 2013 Healthy Teens Relationships Act requirements, both of which are embedded within the Human Sexuality Education OAR 581-022-2050

Child Abuse Prevention and Response – SB 856 “Erin’s Law”

Sexual and Dating Violence Prevention and Response 

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Menstrual Dignity for Students Program

The 2021 Menstrual Dignity Act (HB 3294) creates the requirement for school districts to provide free menstrual products for all menstruating students in public schools in Oregon, including elementary, middle and high school students. The information below will support the implementation of the Menstrual Dignity for Students Program, as outlined in OARs 581-21-0587 through 581-021-0596.​

Menstrual Dignity for Students Toolkit (Updated November, 2022)
This toolkit outlines requirements and recommendations for program implementation that hold student equity and menstrual dignity at the center so that all students have the opportunity for safe, dignified self-care.
REQUIRED FOR 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR: Menstrual Dignity for Students Participation and Reimbursement Form (​2023-24)​
​To report compliance, all Districts, ESDs, and public charter schools must complete the 2023- 2024 Participation and Reimbursement Form.​ This serves as both the attestation to program compliance and the reimbursement request ​ fo​r expenses related to the Menstrual Dignity Act implementation, as per OAR 581-021-0587 through 581-021-0596. For more information about program reimbursement, please review the Implementation Toolkit linked above. This form is required whether or not reimbursement is needed.

Menstrual Dignity For Students: Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

  • 581-021​-0587 Menstrual Dignity for Students: Definitions
  • 581-021-0590 Menstrual Dignity for Students: Requirements
  • 581-021-0593 Menstrual Dignity for Students: Education
  • 581-021-0596 Menstrual Dignity for Students: Reimbursement Program
  • 581-022-2515 Connects Menstrual Dignity for Students Requirements to Division 22​​
​​Menstrual Dignity Program: Funding Calculator (2022-23) ​ARCHIVED
Grant funds have been allocated for year two of the program in accordance with the ADM formula. Per OAR 581-32-0596, unspent funds from the first year of the biennium have been rolled into the distribution of funds for the second year of the biennium and reallocated in accordance with the ADM formula. Amounts on the calculator are based on data from the 2021-2022 second period cumulative ADM. Funds will be available in EGMS following completion of the Participation and Reimbursement form.​
Menstrual Dignity Program: Funding Calcula​tor (2023-24)​
​Please review the calculator to learn about district, charter school and ESD funding for the Menstrual Dignity Program. Within the funding calculator, you should see each district, charter school and ESD’s individual total grant amount. Allocation ceilings for individual education providers is based on data from the 2022-2023 second period cumulative ADM. Reimbursements will be accepted on a rolling basis up to this grant amount. Funds spent by June 30, 2024 are within the reimbursable period. A reimbursement form​ is required to claim funds in EGMS. The last day to claim funds is August 14, 2024.
​April 2022 Menstrual Dignity Program Update
​​This bulletin, published on April 4, 2022, provides important updates on the Menstrual Dignity Program, as a result of the 2022 Legislative Session, The March 2022 State Board of Education Meeting and the grant-making and reimbursement process.

Please reach out to if you have any questions. Sign up for the Menstrual Dignity for Students Listserv​ to stay up-to-date with all things related to the Menstrual Dignity for Students Program..