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Welcome to the Oregon Department of Education!

At the Oregon Department of Education, we’re committed to fostering equity and excellence for every learner through collaboration with educators, partners and communities. We support nearly every aspect of a child's day at school. From the morning bus ride to the rigorous standards in the classroom to grants for after school programs and more!

When students ride to and from school on a bus, we make the rules that ensure drivers are safe and provide training opportunities throughout the year.

The information students receive in class is governed by rigorous standards that are updated on a regular basis with educators an important part of the process. 

During lunch period, more than 265,000 students are served breakfast, lunch or snacks at school each day. We make sure they are nutritious and available throughout the summer as well!

When students take statewide tests, our assessment team makes sure that they are fair and equitable and that the data is used to understand where schools are succeeding for students and where they need more support.

Instructional Materials
We make sure the textbooks, software and other educational materials used in class are providing the right information to align with our rigorous standards and creating greater visibility of the experiences of all students in Oregon.

We help teachers improve through mentoring and professional development opportunities because even teachers never stop learning!

But that's not all we do! We also oversee many aspects of education that a student may never notice directly.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Education equity is the equitable implementation of policy, practices, procedures, and legislation that translates into resource allocation, education rigor and opportunities for historically and currently marginalized youth, students and families including civil rights protected classes. This means the restructuring and dismantling of systems and institutions that create the dichotomy of beneficiaries and the oppressed and marginalized. At ODE, we created an Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to look for evidence and research-based practices that will enhance teaching practices.

Special Education

Special Education staff within ODE has the primary responsibility for assuring that young children and students with disabilities receive an appropriate education program in the least restrictive environment. This happens through collaboration with families, districts, agencies, and programs to ensure quality services. Visit the Special Education pages for resources and information for parents, teachers and administrators.

Finance Services

Our Finance Units provide timely and reliable financial, budget and procurement services, as well as quality business services that serve the agency regarding project management delivery, facilities management and mail services, and central office reception. These units are also responsible for oversight, distribution and management of the State School Fund and other programs that support statewide school facilities. This work is designed to ensure that all agency services adhere to all applicable laws and regulations while seeking solutions focused on the needs of Oregon’s children. These staff and units contribute to an infrastructure that allows ODE to focus on the core mission of leadership, accountability, and school improvement.

Plus, we operate the Oregon School for the Deaf.

Office Structure

For more information on the different offices, click the links below. You can contact anyone at the Department of Education using our staff search page. Not sure who you need to talk to? Check our Yellow Pages which is organized by topic and gives you a point of contact for each one.

  • Office of the Director
    • Communications
    • Government and Legal Affairs
    • Legislative Services
    • Innovation and Community Engagement
    • Human Resources
    • State Board of Education
    • Fair Dismissal Appeals Board
    • Charter schools
    • Secretary of State Audit Supports and Internal Audits
    • Civil Rights and Title IX
  • Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
    • Student Assessment
    • Career and Technical Education
    • District and School Effectiveness
    • Operations, Data, Planning and Grant Support
    • Standards and Instructional Support
    • Sexuality Education Resources
  • Office of Enhancing Student Opportunities
    • Early Intervention & Early Childhood Special Education
    • Education Programs & Secondary Transition
    • Federal Programs
    • Hospital Programs
    • Long-Term Care & Treatment Programs
    • Oregon School for the Deaf
    • Regional Programs/Best Practices
    • School Nurses
    • Special Education Data Collection & Compliance
    • Systems Performance Review & Improvement (SPR&I)
    • Youth Corrections/Juvenile Detention Education Programs
  • Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • African American/Black Student Education
    • Biliteracy
    • Equity Initiatives
    • English Learners
    • English Learners and Immigrant Youth
    • LatinX Student Education
    • LGBT Student Success
    • Migrant Education
    • Safe and Inclusive Schools
  • Office of Child Nutrition, Research, Accountability, Fingerprinting and Transportation 
    • Child Nutrition
    • Fingerprinting
    • Pupil Transportation
    • Research Briefs
    • Quality Education Commission
  • Office of Finance and Information Technology
    • Financial Services
    • Procurement Services
    • Budget Services
    • Business Services
    • Information Technology Operations
    • Information Technology Application Development
    • Information Technology Policy & Strategy
    • School Finance and School Facilities
  • Office of Indian Education
    • American Indian and Alaska Native Student Education
    • Tribal curriculum
    • Tribal Attendance Program
    • Government-to-Government Relations
    • Legislative Commission on Indian Services
    • Internal Consultation
  • Office of Education Innovation and Improvement
    • Student Investment
    • High School Success (Measure 98)
    • Every Day Matters
    • Data Operations and Grant Management
    • School District Coaching
  • Early Learning Division
  • Educator Advancement Council
  • Youth Development Council