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Oregon Mentoring Program

The Oregon Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentorship Program

The Oregon Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentorship Program was established in 2007 through the passage of HB 2574. In 2013, the Oregon Legislature increased funding for the Oregon Mentorship Program through The Network for Quality Teaching and Learning (HB 3233). The grant program was designed to support evidence-based mentorship programs for beginning teachers and administrators.

Oregon Mentoring Program Accomplishments 2008-2019

For more than 10 years, the Oregon Beginning Educator Mentoring Program has been committed to supporting beginning teachers and administrators. Established through HB 2574 in 2007, the Oregon Mentoring Program (OMP) has positively impacted educators throughout the state. As the program sunsets, the purpose of this brief to highlight the impact of the program over time. Data is based on Oregon Mentoring Program statewide impact document and survey data 2008-2019.

Mentoring Program Building Blocks

Oregon Mentoring Program Building Blocks

Resources, Tools and more!


In 2007, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 2574 authorizing the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to establish a beginning teacher and administrator mentoring program. The Oregon Mentoring Program provides support to beginning teachers, principals, and superintendents. In 2013 and further defined in 2015, the Network of Quality Teaching and Learning was established. The Network provides funding for a comprehensive system of support for educators that creates a culture of leadership, professionalism, continuous improvement and excellence for teachers and leaders across the P-20 system. The Oregon Mentoring Program is an important component of this work. It is designed to support activities related to an evidence-based mentorship program for beginning teachers and administrators. The grants fund individual school districts or consortia comprised of school districts, ESDs, and universities. Grant-in-Aid has been allocated yearly beginning in 2008.

  • OR Revised Statutes 329

    This link provides the most recent Statutes regarding the mentoring program. Please reference ORS 329.788, 329.790, 329.795, 329.800, 329.805, 329.810, 329.815, 329.820 for laws specific to the mentoring program.

  • OR Administrative Rule 581-018

    This link provides the most recent Administrative rules regarding the mentoring program. Please reference OARs 581-018-0130 through 581-018-0151 for rules specific to the mentoring program.

Grant Announcements

  • Mentoring Program Grant Recipients 2017-19

    This list contains the 2017-19 Oregon Mentoring Program Grant recipients, including excerpts from their 2017-19 original grant application; Project Design, Goals, & Action Plan, and the project director's contact information. Previous grant recipient lists are available upon request.

  • Mentoring Program Standards Self-Appraisal Tool

    The Self-Appraisal Tool can be used to self-evaluate mentoring projects based on the Oregon Mentoring Program Standards. The tool identifies strengths and weaknesses in current or proposed mentoring projects. Highlighted strengths and how gaps will be addressed can be included in the Mentoring grant application.

Mentoring Professional Learning Opportunities

  • Resources and Research

    Program Standards, Mentor Models Analysis Tool, Program Foundational Standards Protocol Process Tool, Videos, Fast Facts, Information Program Briefs, Research Briefs, Newletters and more!

    The Network meetings are open to the public. The Oregon Public Meetings Law guarantees the public the right to view government meetings, but not necessarily to speak at them. Governing bodies set their own rules for citizen participation and public comment.

  • Mentoring Data Reports and Surveys

    This page contains surveys and data collected from the mentoring projects.

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