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District Collaboration Grants


The School District Collaboration Grant Program was established by the 2011 State Legislature to provide funding for school districts to improve student achievement through the voluntary collaboration of teachers and administrators to implement new approaches to:

  • Career pathways for teachers and administrators;
  • Evaluation processes for teachers and administrators;
  • Compensation models for teachers and administrators; and
  • Enhanced professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.

Information on the districts selected to participate in the grant cycle based on their readiness to implement the four required elements listed above, through a competitive application process. District applications had to include approval of local administrators, bargaining representative, and school board chair.

2017-18 Collaboration Grant Resources

  • Grant Manager Meeting PowerPoint

    This PowerPoint was provided at the September 26, 2017 SDCG Grant Managers meeting. I includes requirement for the 2017-18 grant year and outlines the new claims process.

  • Claim Request Template

    Please submit this template via email prior to submitting a claim in EGMS.

  • Design Grant PowerPoint

    A webinar was held on August 14, 2017 to provide information on the application and submission process.

  • Introduction to Improvement Science

    Collaboration grant Design districts are required to use the Improvement Science (IS) methodology to innovate changes in the four system areas of the grant. Improvement Science is based on work done by the Carnegie Institute and is a process by which schools and districts can continually improve. It is an approach that increases the sustainability of the grant work and shows districts how they can use a scientific approach to improvement. This PowerPoint offers an introduction to Improvement Science to give prospective projects an idea of the work ahead.

Current Grant Participants

Previously Funded Collaboration Grants

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