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Educator Effectiveness Toolkit - Student Learning and Growth

Student learning and growth means measures of student progress (across two or more points in time) and of proficiency/mastery (at a single point in time) in relation to state or national standards. Student learning and growth is evidenced by state assessments as well as national, international, district-wide and other valid and reliable assessments and collections of student work. 

Educators, in collaboration with their supervisor/evaluator will set learning goals aligned to state or national standards for their students and use assessments to measure their progress toward these goals. 

Oregon statute (SB 290) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) require local evaluation and support systems to incorporate a robust set of measures of student learning and growth for all students as a significant contributor to the overall performance rating of teachers and administrators.  

 **With the passage of ESSA on December 10, 2015, the federal requirement to use Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) as the measure for Student Learning and Growth (SLG) goals in grades 4-8 in English Language Arts and Math is nullified. State law (SB290) requirements regarding assessments and SLGs remain intact. ** 

Concerning setting SLG goals, ODE recommends that all educators use Category 2 measures for the 2016-2017 school year. Districts are welcome to use SGPs as a measure for SLG goals if they wish.  

An external work group will be convened this Spring to consider the future implementation of SB290 as it relates to assessments and other evaluation measures.


This one-page brief provides guidance for districts regarding their evaluation systems for 2017-18 in light of the expiration of Oregon's ESEA waiver and the passage of ESSA. 
This document represents the revised ODE guidance on setting Student Learning and Growth goals for 2017-18 and reflects changes that are the result of the expiration of Oregon's NCLB waiver and passage of ESSA. Note: It is recommended that Chrome be used for viewing this document.  

Sample Goals

The sample goals below include examples that were collected during the district Peer Review Process as well as those developed through ODE sponsored workgroups. These goals are provided as a sample of the diverse ways districts approach goal setting and are intended to be used as a reference.

Tools and Templates

  • SLG Goal Quality Review Checklist: Before SLG goals are used in teacher and administrator evaluations, this checklist should be used in order to approve them. For an SLG goal to be approved, all criteria must be met. 
  • SLG Goal Checklist with Guiding Questions: NOTE: The questions included in this version of the checklist are provided for guidance only. They are not part of checklist that is required for use by districts. 
  • SLG Goal Scoring Rubric: The SLG Scoring Rubric is used for scoring individual SLG goals based on evidence submitted by the teacher and administrator. This rubric applies to both teacher and administrator evaluations. 
  • Student Learning and Growth Goal Resource Library: This bank of sample goals gathered from other states was developed by the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and is searchable by grade level, subject and type of educator. 

UPDATED: 8.19.16 Module - Student Learning and Growth Goals Foundations
This PowerPoint focuses on the purpose and requirements of SLG goals, examines the difference between growth goals and achievement goals and provides sample goals for participants to practice with. NOTE: This PPT is part of a 1 1/2 - 2 hour module and includes activities and facilitator notes for replication in districts.

This series of seven training videos filmed during the Round 1 Workshop Series will walk you through a rigorous process (start-to-finish) of setting, monitoring, and analyzing the outcomes of both a Student Learning & Growth Goal and Professional Goal; utilizing baseline data; and incorporating progress monitoring of data and instructional and professional strategies throughout development. 

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