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Mathematics Work Sample Tasks

Mathematics Assessment


Work samples will more effectively support student learning when they are integrated systematically into the district curriculum and are also part of classroom instruction (that is, the normal, ongoing evaluation and grading process). For example, when they are used to help summarize a unit of study or extending the concepts presented, work samples can be a natural part of classroom practices and be offered many times during the school year.

ODE-Developed Work Samples

ODE has developed 30 Work Sample prompts in each Essential Skill area, and these are available within the Willamette Education Service District’s ORSkills online system. Ten of these prompts are available without restrictions. The other 20 prompts have the following restrictions.

  • They may only be used by seniors who have not fulfilled their Essential Skills requirement.
  • Students may use only two prompts from each Essential Skill area (e.g., Math, Reading, Writing).

In order to obtain access to the ORSkills online system, District Test Coordinators or school administrators should contact ORSkills Help at Willamette ESD to set up an account.

  • ORSkills FAQ
    Quick reference about the ORSkills online system, including answers to questions about features, benefits, and costs of the system


Developing Mathematics Work Samples

Scoring Mathematics Work Samples

Administering Mathematics Work Samples

Professional Development

  • Work Samples Case Study -- description of district planning, developing, administering, and scoring Work Sample prompts
  • Workshop Materials for Mathematics Scoring Guide and Work Sample Development -- materials for facilitators to use in leading local trainings or for individual use (Coming Soon)

High School Tasks

These examples of work sample tasks are aligned to the 2011-12 Mathematics Problem Solving Scoring Guide and to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


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