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Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution Committee Recruitment

The DRC has an opening for a new member. We are taking applications for a School District or ESD Superintendent or Principal. The committee will approve the new appointee after applications have been accepted. Applications will be reviewed prior to the fall 2018 meeting.
The Dispute Resolution Committee meets three times a year to review the Oregon Department of Education’s due process hearing decisions, complaint resolutions, and mediation activities and to discuss IDEA Dispute Resolution issues and legal matters that are related to the IDEA. The function of the Dispute Resolution Committee is to serve as a primary advisory group to the Oregon Department of Education on IDEA dispute resolution matters. Members should represent different viewpoints, generate topics of discussion, and consistently attend meetings to participate in discussions and recommendations for ODE.
If you qualify as a School District or ESD Superintendent or Principal, please apply by completing the application.
Please submit completed application no later than June 15, 2018 to Jan Burgoyne, Oregon Department of Education, 255 Capitol St. NE, Salem, OR 97310, or fax to Jan Burgoyne at 503-378-5156.
The Oregon Department of Education is required by the Oregon Administrative Rules to investigate alleged violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The dispute resolution options detailed on this page are open only to parties seeking to resolve disputes arising under the IDEA. If you are seeking information about dispute resolution options for disputes arising under 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, please consult our Civil Rights webpage.

Dispute Resolution Options Available

Comparison of Major Dispute Resolution Options in IDEA PDF Document - A chart comparing mediation, complaints, and due process.

Comprehensive Dispute Resolution Guidance - Oregon Department of Education documents in English

Guía Comprensiva de Resolucíon de Disputas - Oregon Department of Education documents in Spanish 
Dispute Resolution Resources - Links to non-ODE websites concerning Special Education dispute resolution

Mediation - Mediation is the process of solving problems about a child’s special education evaluation, program, or placement. A mediator helps parents and educators develop solutions to the dispute.
Complaints - A complaint is a written, signed statement alleging that a school district or other educational agency has violated federal special education law.
Due Process - A due process hearing is a formal hearing resulting in a legal order. It may be requested if parties disagree with the identification, evaluation, educational placement, or other issues relating to a child’s education.


Dispute Resolution Committee - A special education stakeholder group designed to oversee the dispute resolution process.

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